marlin model 1895 lever action 40/65
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Thread: marlin model 1895 lever action 40/65

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    marlin model 1895 lever action 40/65

    I have a marlin model 1895 lever action 40/65 do you know what the value is on this gun in good+ shape
    also is their a alternative more modern ammo for this gun?
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    I have seen Marlin 40/65 rifles in good+ condition going for $2500 to $3500; if you thinking of selling it I would certainly get it appraised. You could probably convert your rifle to any of the original calibers. "When introduced,the Model 1895 was chambered for the .38-56;.40-65,the same as the old .40-60 Marlin;.40-82;.45-70(including the various cartridges to include the .45-70-405 and .45-70-500 U.S.Government);and the .45-90,and its various loads. In 1897 the .40-70 WCF cartridge and in 1912 the .33 WCF cartridge were added to the Model 1895 list of calibers." The most obvious conversion would be to 45-70 with a barrel and bolt change, but it would destroy any collectors value. I could not imagine converting your rifle. If you really want a modern cartridge buy a rifle in 45-70, otherwise leave your 40-65 alone, it's simply too rare and valuable to mess with.
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    Shoot it and you will love it!! I have an 1881 in 40-65 and it's a hoot!! Brass is available through Starline and get some RCBS cowboy dies. Several smokeless powders work great, Trail Boss, and Unique to name a few. Slug the bore to determine proper bullet size, there were many variations. Mine like's .406's, but they vary between .403 and .408. Since the 1895 is a stronger action than the 1881 it should handle stouter loads.
    It's a rare model so if you want a .45-70 get another rifle, but don't change an original!!
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    You can find loaded ammo for it, there are a few companies making it. As for value, you can’t say without photos. I have 8 95s and paid $1000- 3500 for the best one, a rare deluxe.
    Got this pair last summer at auction, 2000 hammer price, with premium and shipping 2400, $1200 each, both nice, the 95 being 40-65 with tang sight and good bore, the 93 a deluxe 32-40 also tang sight and good bore. Don’t change the cal. If has a nice bore, that will push value down and you will be out the money for the work
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    I have two Model 1895's in .40-65 Cal. They are both excellent shooters. They were $1800.00 Canadian apiece which puts them at about $1250.00 American. I thought that was a very good price. Only about 5000 were made, of which about 1300 were in .40-65. They weren't very popular in days of old and many sat for a long time in the factory before being sold. There's no question they are heavy, and in my view too heavy for a saddle horse as it would be difficult to balance. Although Starline does make the cases with the correct headstamp they are easily formed from .45-70 cases using .40-65 dies which are readily available. I like the cowboy R.C.B.S. dies as well. Model 1895's are quite hard to find in any shape in my neck of the woods. You might be better to follow everybody's advice here and leave the rifle unmolested.
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    The .40-65 is one of the best calibers the 1895 was offered in! Especially today when many of those old calibers are pretty hard to get brass for, or form brass for. Only caliber that might be easier would be .45-70. But I'd never alter an original 1895 Marlin, regardless of which caliber it is. They are very collectible, and any changes would destroy their value.
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