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Thread: Marlin camp 9 opportunity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongo444 View Post
    I have two Ruger PC9s, both of which were made in 1997, so they're the older versions. Personally, I think they're good-looking little carbines. And they shoot very well. I have thought maybe trading one for one of the re-released versions, but I'm not big on "takedown" guns as I just can help but be concerned with consistency in terms of accuracy.

    One thing I will say about Ruger is that their auto-loaders work, and they work well. If you want a fun gun to shoot, I strongly recommend finding an old Ruger model 44RS. Looks similar to a 10/22, but chambered in .44mag. The original models were called the "Deerslayer." Great gun, but certainly far more expensive to shoot than the 9mm, unfortunately.
    I have 2 for those Ruger 10/44 semi auto both are tube feed. The later model came with mags and lever action. Best hunting rifle when you are walking to heavy bushes and trees. With short barrel and the knock down power of the 44 mag. Son shot 300lb hog with that rifle.

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    The camp 9 is a fun little gun. I bought one from here last year with the original box, I think it was $600. I needed to finance another itch so I sold it on a local forum for $675 and it went pretty quick. That included 2 12 round mags.

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    They are a great 9mm carbine. They will take S&W mags. So mags are no problem.
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    $450 is a pretty good price, the recoil buffer and spring need to be replaced before you shoot it even one time, or other parts can get damaged, including cracking the stock.

    I eventually traded mine for an 1894 44 mag, but then started missing having a little 9mm carbine plinker. I found a nice used Beretta CX4 Storm for less money than a replacement Camp 9. It shares mags with my Beretta 92 FS and shoots better than the Camp 9 did.

    Good luck finding what you want, and then put some pictures up here for us to enjoy. There's a Camp 9 Deluxe with checkering on the stocks that looks the better of the standard standard, but they shoot the same. Keep looking, you'll know what you want when you see it. (Just remember, Do Not Fire it until you can determine if the buffer is new, or replace it yourself.

    I'll try to add pictures later.
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    Thanks for the info on the cx4.. I seen them before. The camp 9 never went through.

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    $450 is a no it! I paid $650 last summer for mine
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