I thought I should post this because I continually get private messages requesting leather pricing and lead times and questions. It is much more time effecient for me to answer emails or a phone call than it is to log into this forum to answer your requests, and I can keep better track of what we discuss on my system.

I would much appreciate it and prefer that I am contacted with inquiries using the information below. If you loose track of this, my web address and email address is in my signature.

Levergun Leather Works LLC
PO Box 33
Athol, ID. 83801


[email protected]

Custom Leather Work Hand crafted by Lever;

Pricing and lead times are listed on the price list page of the website and I will do the best I can to answer any and all questions you may have.

I hope this information helps and makes it easier for you to contact me.

Take care and God bless,