amber guyger courtroom, stunning!
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Thread: amber guyger courtroom, stunning!

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    amber guyger courtroom, stunning!

    we have been discussing the sentence of Amber guyger and what should have happened to her, this is the victims brothers reaction, at the end the black woman judge came off the bench and gave her a bible and hugged her!,,,,,,,,,,,

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    I sort of get the feeling that the judge knew she was over charged and the jury complied with the DA. She got the sentence she would have gotten with the lesser, more adequate charge. It's still gonna be a rough ten years, but her own stupidity brought this on.
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    I think if we interject race into to this we are as guilty of race baiting as Sharpton and the rest. Bottom line, the woman was wrong( guilty) and got the sentence she deserves. Justice served !
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