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Thread: Cheap hunting knives that work

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawlerbrook View Post
    Mora, a Swedish Co., makes some great knives for around $10.
    And some great ice drills
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    Buck 113 for me. Gonna have to get that Buck pack light.

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    About the only knife I ever use is a Victorinox pocket-knife. My favourite model is the officers model. I do 4-5 moose every year, a caribou or two, at least one bison, and countless furbearers. Most of these animals are caped for taxidermy too. I never use the "traditional" hunting knives, nor do any other professional guides or trappers that I know.

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    If I could toss my .02 in here, for consideration in the "cheap knife" dept. take a look at Opinel (sp), french made I think, I bought one, they lock, and are shaveing sharp out of the box, wouldn't loose much sleep if I lost it, around 15 bucks to start, if memory serves. T Rex

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    So I couldn't find a $0.99 bait knife - but Bass Pro Shops has a $1.79 bait knife.... So I tried it out....

    It's thin - so it cuts easily
    Cuts very well when sharp
    The handle shape is decent
    Dish washable
    The width of the blade adds stiffness - so it doesn't feel flexible like a cheap fillet knife pattern
    Easy to sharpen and takes a good edge
    Responds well to a kitchen knife steel and conventional stones.
    Responds well to a strop or a leather belt.
    I don't feel bad about sharpening it up on my Worksharp belt sander sharpener unit

    No sheath or blade guard to cover it in the tackle box.
    Comes pretty dull out of the pack (no surprise there)
    It's not "pointy"... A sharp pointy tip is super useful for getting into stuff and it's tip comes pretty round out of the package.

    I have been put fishing twice since I got it.. Forgot to take it both times. I ended up using my trusty Swiss Army Knife to cut the eels we were using for bait.

    I put it into the kitchen knife block to see how that goes. It seems to work fine in "Paring knife" and "Small chef's knife" sort of duty. It cuts fruit, veggies, and meat just fine. I also used it on a catfish I caught for dinner the other day and it went fine.

    Steel wise - it's neither the worst stuff in the kitchen nor the worst stuff I have owned in a knife. It's not a Buck but it's worlds better than the old 1980's Pakistan "Stainless steel" pocket knives. It's definitely not any flavor of super steel - just stamped out of plain old cutlery stainless steel.

    I also don't know if it's heat treated beyond normalizing it. It's certainly not chippy - but it's not mushy either. Honestly - I don't much care - it takes a decent edge and holds it as well as any other cheap kitchen knife.
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    My first deer knife was a Schrade Cliphanger. I don’t remember what I paid for it but I’m sure it was very inexpensive because I was very poor at the time.

    The cliphanger could keep a really sharp edge and I dressed out quite a few deer with it. The problem with it was it was next to impossible to clean. The texturing on the handle would trap all kinds of fat, hair and gristle and I would have to boil the whole knife for an hour or more to get the crud out of the grip.

    I still have it but it’s been relegated to absolute last option backup duty.
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    Buck 500E, 2 3/4 drop point, stainless bolsters, rosewood panels. Like a 110 only the drop point. Best knife ever since, 1974 when I became a Buck man.

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