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Finding a good spot and then using a comfortable method of sitting is always a challenge for any serious deer hunter. Should I set up a ladder stand in the area? Should I cart a climbing stand with me to the area and hope for a "proper" tree? Should I just bring a cushion and set my butt on the ground, the old-fashioned way? I've set my butt down against a tree many a time and also killed many deer that way, but it ain't the most comfortable method and it's always a challenge to stay as long as I should when things get tough because I'm so darn uncomfortable.

I recently purchased a hang-on seat that was recommended to me by a good friend. He likes the concept and I've used similar seats in the past to ensure a comfortable stay at my chosen spot. I've owned two Summit Trophy Seats and was pleased with both of them. (apparently the people who stole them are too!)The new seat I purchased is called a Millennium hang-on seat. Although it doesn't appear as comfy as a Summit, I'd say overall it at least matches the Summit and my Buddy who also owns both models says he prefers the Millennium, without a doubt. It is quite a bit lighter than the Summit is too.

I do prefer it's ultralight weight and materials that will not hold water (read that get & stay wet) It sets up in about 60 seconds and I can sit for 4-5 hours easily in it. I was sitting in one when I took my two of my 2011 bucks. In one instance, it turned out that I could not get a shot while seated, but was able to simply stand and get a good bead on the buck through the brush. The view being a foot or so higher than if you were on the ground is better, as well, than simply plunking your butt down on the ground. As far as maybe not being so "hidden" as sitting on the ground, I have had several deer pass within 10-25 yards, look right at me and then walk away, unconcerned.

Just wanted to make note of a pretty decent product that could help you hunt new areas much more comfortably while costing only about $70/shipped. I liked my first so much, I have already purchased a second and the seats each had a "harvest" this season.
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