Came across an interesting product on my travels.

It is a brass picker-upper for ranges.

A few caveats first.
Doesn't work on gravel ranges. It's more focused for smooth surfaces like asphalt, cement, ect. Maybe hardpacked earth.

It's fairly large (about the size of a push mower) so the larger the range the better.

It's sweeping path is fairly narrow at around 24 inches. I'd rate it's effectiveness at higher than 90 percent, meaning that it picks up more than 9 pieces of brass for every one it misses.

Boy is it effective though. The police range I got to play with it on was littered with brass. 15 minutes of back and forth gathered most of the brass from a 15yrd by 40yard area. The hopper dumps easily and comfortably holds about 3 gallons of brass. It's sized for about 10 gallons, but the plastic frame starts to flex around 3.

Concerns. The product is almost entirely made of plastic. Great for weight, weather, and friction. But seeing an aluminum framed version at some point would probally be nice.

The finger disks are wear and tear items, probally best to replace them yearly on a high use range.

They are easy to operate, but require a few special techniques to prevent overwear and damage. It is something better left to one or two people than open for use to the masses. I also saw an abused one that was near the state of non-repair.

There aren't many ranges that are paved, high use, large and open enough for this product. But for those that are, they really should be considering giving one of these things a try.