Product Review: Baby Kahuna Burner

The box:

I was looking for a lightweight burner that was compact, portable and put out tons of heat (I believe the unit is rated at 65,000 BTU). I found it. The burner element is appears to be an aluminum alloy, not cast iron. The housing and legs are also light weight; I’m guessing they are tin.

The burner assembly:

The whole unit:

The burner easily holds a 12” Dutch oven. Smaller items presented a problem. I found a replacement grill for a smoker unit that I used to hold my oven/pan combo which is less than 10” in diameter. This worked well, but I don’t think the grill is heavy duty enough to withstand the heat and weight in the long run. I’ll update this post when I come up with something else.

The grill:

The oven/pan combo:

Everything broke down and fit nicely into stuff sacks which will work great for camping/cooking out of my jeep.

Stuff sack:

Packed oven/pan combo:

Packed burner:

The legs on the unit are collapsible, which made for convenient use on a picnic table. The spring loaded control valve on the hose assembly could use some work. This burner really cranks out the heat and even with some wind it had to be turned way down. I may look for a better valve in the future, but it will depend on the price. I stopped on the way home and purchased a two bottle adapter that will allow me to use two of the 16.4 oz disposable propane bottles which will allow me to save space and weight. I’ll update after I try it.

At the campsite:

I would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking to save some weight and/or space, but still wanted massive amounts of heat. All items (excluding the cast iron) were purchased at Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Burner: $59.95
Grill: $3.49
Stuff Sacks: $3.49 - $7.99 (depending on size)