I’ve had for a while now two Crimson Trace Lasergrips. These are model # LG-105 for a Smith and Wesson Model 60 and #LG-207 for a Smith and Wesson model 65.

Both of these revolvers are my regular carry guns, when I choose to carry. They are also my go-to guns for house defense on short notice, being on my night table, when the Mossberg 500 is in the gun safe.

The Model 60 S&W is a J-frame , round butt, 5-shot, .357, stainless-steel revolver. Mine is the model with the 3” barrel and adjustable sights. The original grips extended below the frame another (maybe) ľ”. The only Crimson Trace Lasergrips available for this revolver when I bought them was model LG-105. These grips are shorter than those that came with the revolver, being flush with the bottom of the frame.

As it was, shooting .357’s (125 JHP) with the longer grip was marginally painful for me. Upon installing the Lasergrips, in my case, the revolver became a single-shot, as follow up shots were next to impossible for me. So, this J-frame is loaded with .38 JHP’s . I can hit with all five shots this way.

I’ve had the Lasergrips for more than four years , and the zero has not shifted, the batteries are still the original ones, and the installation was a snap. Were I buying them now, I would opt for model LG-305, which more closely resemble the original grips on the gun. Right now they offer a few other models for this gun, to suit different tastes.

The model 65 S&W is a K-frame, square butt, 6-shot, .357, stainless steel revolver. Mine has the 4”barrel and fixed sights. I’ve had it for about 30 years now. The original wooden grips closely followed the frame, meaning they were relatively small. That suited me just fine, as my hands are not big. At some point different grips were installed to permit use of speed loaders. After having had the Lasergrip on the model 60 I could not NOT have one on the model 65. When things go bump in the night, I’d rather reach for the 6- shot loaded with .357’s (which I can shoot just fine in this gun) than the 5-shot. And the Laser is such an advantage in the dark as to be a no-brainer.

Again, I’ve had the Lasergrips for over four years on the model 65 also. They fit with no trouble, have held their zero and are still on the original batteries. My only complaint is, that when I ordered them, the picture wasn’t available on the website and the description said something to the effect that they were the same size as the original grips. Well, the K-frame has come out of the factory with various sized grips. Mine was one of the smaller variety. The Crimson Trace was one of the larger. Not the most comfortable for me, but I still kept them as, again, the advantage for the Lasergrip is not to be denied. Since then, Crimson trace has come up with new, narrower models for the K-frame.

In the dark, they are visible way past 100 feet, and in bright daylight, they are good for 30 feet or so before they become difficult to see and you have to aim with the iron sights. As far as fit and function I have to give Crimson Trace an A+.