LOL – The Last Thing You Expect to See For a Product Review

How many of us have used HotHands for years to help keep our hands and even our toes warm? I’d venture a guess of nearly 100% for those of us who have more than a few years behind us. Well, there is a new kid on the block and it is a product offered here in Oklahoma (and nationally I am sure) by Game Winner, simply called Hand Warmers by Grabber.

The Game Winner Hand Warmers are winners so to speak. By that I mean that once you remove them from the package you do not have to shake them in any way because they are air activated all by themselves without any help from you other than freeing them from their wrappers. Opening the wrapper is the only noisy thing about them and they really do last. The package says they will last for 7+ hours and I find they last much longer than that, although after extended hours they lose strength like most other things do.

I came in from a hog hunt one evening several weeks ago about 10:00 p.m. and it was cold so I had used my very first Game Winners that afternoon and into the night for over six hours. When I arrived at the house, I handed them to the wife and told her she could use them for her cold feet in bed, hoping she would take the not so subtle hint. She held them and was amazed at how warm they were but she had never seen anything like that other than the old hand warmers we used to have that used lighter fluid for fuel. Remember those?

Anyhow, the next morning at 4:30 I stumbled into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee and the Game Winners were there on the counter top so I picked them up. They were still warm!!! Not much, but warm none the less.

Let us now explore the Hot Hands S-2 Hand Warmers by HeatMax which advertises up to 10 hours of heat.

Just like the Game Winners they are noisy to remove from their wrappings but after that you must shake the heck out of them to get the product inside mixed up enough to begin to generate heat. Combine removing them from the wrappers and then shaking the heck out of them, and you must sound like someone opening a hard to crack bag of potato chips and we all know how much sound that is!

As for me, I like to be pretty quiet in the woods. With the Hot Hands you must continue to shake them periodically throughout your time outdoors to keep them activated, and all the while you are making as much noise as the dreaded opening of the Velcro fasteners we all hate to open while on stand. With the Game Winner Grabbers you just open the package, expose the warmers to air and you are good to go.

This little review may seem like such a small and insignificant thing, but noise will kill a hunt in a heartbeat and we all know it.

I just might take some scissors, cut the ends off a couple of the Game Winner Hand Warmers and slip them into a Zip-Loc baggie this afternoon. When I get into the blind for this afternoon’s hunt I will be a lot more quiet and confident as I set up and attempt to pick off one of these big old Oklahoma wild hawgs.

See you in the woods,