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I've had one for 10 years and love it. First time I used it and shot a big six point. Swung the gun up focused on deer and didnt realized the barrel was under the flap. Blew an 12 inch hole in it but got deer. Piece of camo and spray on adhesive fixed it. Smile everytime I see it. Killed 25 to 30 deer out of it. I've had Bobcats and turkeys within a foot of it and deer within 15 ft. Found that cutting some saplings and place around it really helps. Breaks up silhouette. I use a monopod to hold rifle. Super comfortable camp chair and a small rug to drop my gear on. Most importantly, GOOD Gallon Ziploc freezer bags to pee in. Lot easier than a jug when you have multiple layers of clothes on. And...always use all the tie downs when putting up.
I had the same thing happen using my muzzle loader!!! LOL!!!! It has a short barrel (I am used to hunting with true "long guns")...anyway, I spotted a deer, and slowly brought the ML to bear, and not thinking, took the shot. The flap flew up and I swear the blind rose two feet off the ground, and I was choking on BP smoke....the blind was filled with it......out the back I went!!!! Never saw where the deer went, but after I got the deer out and went back to the blind I discovered that there was no damage (except maybe that busted support rod I talked about in my other post). It was truly a "what the heck!!!!!" moment, and I learned my lesson. Of course I had to tell my hunting buddies about that, and am still the butt of jokes around the campfire. It makes me feel better that I am not the only one that has happened to.