After fighting the ravages of time, and personal vanity and being totally unfair to the wife thru it all I have finally succumb to the inevitability of a hearing aid. Yea, it sucks but shooting, loud music, fever and poor genetics has damaged my hearing to the point I really need help. I simply can't hear in restaurants, meetings or most situations. Unfortunately my healthcare stinks and I was never in the military so most hearing aids at $2,000-4,000 were far out of my families' reach.

After doing a lot of research I found a $350 product I thought might help. It's a CS50 by Sound World Solutions. I have only had it about 12 hours but it has made a world of difference. It's a combination of a telephone hands free device so you can receive calls and listen to music. It also has a good directional mic that is designed to pick up conversation as a stand alone device. Pair that with an App on the phone that lets you custom tune the headset for different presets for environments including concert, restaurant and a custom setting and it becomes a very powerful and user friendly tool. You can switch thru the sound algorithms with one button and run the volume with another. There is a hearing "tone" test that will help you tune the graphic equalizer to optimize it and then you can tweak it on the fly should you need to "drop out" say a shrieking child in a restaurant . Plus it comes with two batteries that last 10 hours each. In the last day I have heard things I have not heard in years. Small clicks and taps, birds and quiet voices. In the restaurant I could hear the wife easily. Probably the best thing is it looks like a Bluetooth set and not grandpas hearing aid.

Here is the link.
Personal Sound Amplifier | CS50 | Sound World Solutions

If you have hearing loss. Even significant loss like mine I highly recommend it.
Thanks for looking.