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Thread: Cheap Insect Prevent

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    Cheap Insect Prevent

    Author unknown:

    I have said this many times and will continue to iterate the message: Use Ortho "Basic Solutions" Lawn & Garden Insect Killer, $8.95 @ Home Depot for 32 fluid ounces (1 quart). Its active ingredient is Permethrin...2.5%. Four (4) ounce spray cans (Permanone) cost about $6.95 each and contain 0.50% Permethrin.

    Mix one part 2.5% Permethrin (Ortho) to four parts water to make the final solution 0.50% Permethrin (white liquid). Put solution in a $1.00 spritzer bottle and LIBERALLY coat your hunting clothing, face mask, gloves, socks, hat, shoes, etc. The initial faint petrochemical smell will quickly disappear as the liquid dries.

    Permethrin has been extensively tested in agriculture. Its preeminent quality is it KILLS probing insects (DEET only drives them away). Let me say that again: Permethrin KILLS mosquitos, chiggers, no-see-ums, yellow flies, horse flies, ticks, gnats, wasps, house flies, and just about anything that bites, stings, or tries to penetrate your protection. I am not saying it kills them instantly and on contact, they have to probe you one time. Permethrin sends their nervous system into LSD-like hyperactivity and they literally burn out their nervous systems. Ants seen feasting on Permethrin killed mosquitos have died not long thereafter too.

    Permethrin is effective after multiple washings of your treated clothing as written up in "Smithsonian" Magazine. In accordance with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) see link below, Permethrin is not toxic to people, although the MSDS and manufacturer's recommendations indicate use on clothing only - NOT SKIN.

    My personal experience is no-see-ums and mosquitos are especially difficult to sit still through when you are under their relentless attack. Ticks are no fun either when showering at home and finding them in the least appropriate places. Killing the insects that would ordinarily drive us out of the woods is a good thing. If you are going to use "insect repellent" anyway, why not kill the suckers at the same time.

    When treated clothing is introduced into an insect laden environment, there is initial normal insect activity. You may get mosquito or no-see-um bitten, but fewer times. Not all insects make initial contact with skin. However, you will not get bitten the following day or for several days thereafter. As long as the clothing worn is treated or remains effectively treated you should be able to hunt with relative indifference to biting insects.

    Realize that as you "create a void" in the insect world through use of Permethrin laced clothing, that "void" will collapse when the Permethrin is eliminated from the insect environment. You may get bitten again the next time out. No guarrantees. Just know that if they bite you they are destined to die.

    I have used my dog to wear a Permethrin laced tee-shirt around the house when mosquitos get thicker over the rainy summer months. One evening outside with the dog is all it takes for about two week's peace. The female mosquito is the biter and killing her creates the "void" alluded to above - until the next batch hatches.

    Good luck. Good hunting. May Permethrin be with you.
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    Re: Cheap Insect Prevent

    The US army uses Permethrin to treat clothing as well. It works and it works for a long time. Be warned, however, some people are alergic to permethrin, and once the clothing is treated, its treated. To be safe, treat a single shirt to try first, so you don't have to get rid of a whole wardrobe. One of our Pilots had to run around in his physical fitness uniform for a week while the unit got uniforms and flight suits sent from the US.
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    Re: Cheap Insect Prevent

    Also have heard that mouth wash sprayed on clothes works or in or near the blind

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    Re: Cheap Insect Prevent

    I've been using Permethrin clothing treatment for many years, it works very well and is long lasting thru multiple washings, ticks/bugs just drop off dead when they walk on the treated cloth. One thing that needs to be known tho is the clothing is treated and allowed to dry before being worn, it isn't applied to clothing while worn like deet products. If you don't want to make your own per Dave's method, you can get the military version which is enough to treat a pants and shirt for 6 weeks/washings after a 2hr soak for about $6-$8 a treatment, comes with a big treatment bag and gloves.

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