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Thread: Time for a Tanerite bomb!

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    Why aren’t Canadian geese on the menu? Just because they’re prohibited by law? Or are they not worth the trouble?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Duke View Post
    Thanks for the offers, I've decided build a trap and take what I want and call friends that want one and let them cherry pick on or two. I'm sure the big boars will be left for me to dispose of humanely. The tanerite caption was just an attention grabber. I find it unethical to destroy a hand full (10) pigs on my count with explosives. If I had a big operation and they were a problem I would not hesitate to be unethical with a huge problem costing me big bucks. Dig a hole and shove them in it. The pigs are only eating the food I set out for deer and running them off. Rest assured these pests will be eradicated.

    Last year a fella caught a couple hundred hogs in Oklahoma and turned them loose in Howard and Polk Co. Arkansas. These are some of those. Didn't have them show up till last year. Wish they would have caught that ass monkey and strung him up.

    in Texas we've started putting up hog wire fence around our deer feeders.
    deer jump in, hogs stay out. run 2 strands of barbwire low and real tight.
    if you saw 10 rest assured theres 30 you didn't see.
    make the entrance to your trap no higher than 2 foot. that's all it needs to be...
    yes, even for a big one. they can crawl under a hole in a fence lower than that.
    if you ain't careful you'll catch a deer in it.
    put a thorny limb across the entrance about 2 feet high that will deter the deer.
    bait it with sour corn will help too.
    best of luck to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drm50 View Post
    We had a family here that vacationed in La every year. The do a lot of hunting & fishing. 30yrs ago they started buying and live trapping bobcats down there. Bringing them back to Ohio and turning them lose. I don't know if this has anything to do with our new populations of bobcats. My grandpa's generation ( farmers) and my dads generation never saw a bobcat until late 80s. I saw my first two within 5 miles of suspects properties. Treed one coon hunting and saw the other in a creek bottom swamp in day time. Now they are common but nobody beefing about damage from them. Everyone is picking them up on trail cams. We would be tickled if they got a taste for Canadian Geese. We have them up the butt. Nobody eats them or hunts them. They are protected or they would be shot out like a common varmit.
    They are considered varmints hear. Bad for the Turkey population.
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