Question about modifying my pardner 12 ga
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    Question about modifying my pardner 12 ga

    Hey, y'all, so, I have a 12 ga pardner single shot, and I'm wanting to get the barrel modified to take screw in chokes, is that possible with the sb1 barrel? Or am I stuck with the modified choke?

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    Read this thread on GBO, several members have had their barrels reamed and theaded for choke tubes by the ebay listed service and others have mentioned Mike Orlen, I've included the current ebay listing and Mike Orlen's price sheet.


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    Not to rain on anybody's parade, but I have found late model H&Rs and NEFs have "random" uneven barrel wall thickness from center
    of bore. Also found the more cut off , the more concentric the barrel thickness is. I've cut dozens of them off mostly for kids slug guns
    but I have put salvage poly chokes on a few, never had one threaded. This barrel "thing" is not confined to H&R / NEF most economy
    type shotguns are like this today. It is characteristic of how shotgun barrels are made today, basically extruded tubing.
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