First model, first variation Auto Ejecting .32 1885-1886
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Thread: First model, first variation Auto Ejecting .32 1885-1886

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    First model, first variation Auto Ejecting .32 1885-1886

    Hello all, new member here. I picked this H&R up for a bargain recently. I was delighted when I got it home to find it was a first model first variation which are very rare. S&W presumably made them stop selling this model as they still had an active patent on the ejection system that H&R used. This model was only made for about one year then they went to a manual system that you had to push a rod to push the empties out. Then after that they came out with the later auto ejecting system with the hook style auto ejector. This one is like the early large framed S&Ws and the Baby Russians. I bought this originally for resale but because of its rarity I may hang onto it for a while.
    Have any of you seen one of these before or do any of you have one? In Bill Goforths book on H&R he said some say it was rumored that only 250 or so were made, but he said since the highest serial number known was over 4000 he suspects there were at least that many made. Mine is serial number 3090.
    Thanks all.

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    Sorry to respond to such an old thread, but:
    I have either one or two of those, I'll have to look. Thats a very hard model to find. I also have the later model with the ejector rod beneath the barrel.
    Good job in locating and recognizing a scarce H&R top break!
    NRA Life.
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