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    Quote Originally Posted by reivertom View Post
    That's a cut back military musket from the 1830s approximately. As far as I can tell it was originally a flintlock. I can't get the photos to enlarge, so it's hard to see. It was very common for military muskets to be "sporterized" and used as shotguns to feed your family in the 1800s. Most all of the pre-1850s guns were smooth bore, so they worked fine. A person that is up on military muskets of the day can give you a model and better date. I'd leave it as it is and just do a mild cleaning. If those old guns could talk.
    The lock plate markings are still there. I can see some of it when the photo is enlarged. You will probably need to remove the metal strap nailed around the wrist to see all of it.The early locks are marked in the area to the rear of the hammer pivot. Whether or not you want to remove the band and clean up the lock to see what markings are left is your decision. These old conversion guns are not worth much, especially in rough shape like this one. Back in the era these were in use there were gunsmiths everywhere, as common then as auto repair shops and tire shops are today. Many had their own name on them, many also made guns from surplus military parts and guns. Could possibly be a m1816 or a combination of any of the other dozen models made.
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    Years ago we had an 1822 Whitney flintlock that had been converted to percussion and then at some point converted to a shotgun. While your's looks very rough, compare some pictures of the lock.
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    While you do some clean up do check for a load. Very often these guns sat by the door or in the barn ready to go.
    Probably an armory conversion to caplock. Forend probably busted sometime in it's life and cut off at a convenient point. I am not up on military guns but I do believe this one was just sporterized at some point not made from parts.
    I would not do much more than clean the grime off and oil the metal.
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