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    My dad was a Maine Game Warden during the 70's , 80's and 90's. He investigated his share of hunting accidents. I remember a few. Like the high school senior that shot a deer with a Winchester Model 94. When he reached the downed deer it was not quite dead. He decided to finish it off with a good whack over the head. He grabbed his gun by the muzzle and swung it like an axe, it discharged and shot him in the hip. He finished his senior year via a video camera. Or the young man hunting with a single shot 16 gauge. He was a sitter in a deer drive (illegal in Maine), he was sitting on a stump with the hammer cocked. No deer appeared. He rose to his feet and stepped forward, tripping on old barbed wire falling forward. The butt of the gun struck the ground it discharged, blowing a hole in his hand and powder burning the left side of his face. That young man was one year ahead of me in school. The last case he investigated before his passing was the only fatality I remember. It was the last day of hunting season in the early 90's. Long story short, a carload of hunters driving home spotted movement in the woods. One hunter loaded his gun, walked back to the spot and fired at the movement killing a deer hunter kneeled down unloading his lever action. I should add that this occurred about 35 minutes after sunset. My dad returned the next day and hung his new orange vest where the victim was killed. the stood where the shooter was. At 30 minutes past sunset he could not tell the vest was fluorescent. After the case was over, the Mom of the victim, came to our house to retrieve his blood soaked clothes and firearm. That was something I will never forget. We can never be reminded enough of gun safety.

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    I had a 6th grade teacher that was a groundhog nut. Not what you would think, his trusty GHog gun was a Win 1890 in 22wrf. He grew up on a farm and that rifle had been passed down throw the family. He made a big deal out of hacking on guys who had to have HV & scopes. The following summer he was setting with his back against a fence post watching a freshly cut hay field. Behind him was some scrub brush and the county road was 50yds above him. He was shot by some road hunters with a HV rifle. The fence post saved his life because bullet came apart before it hit him. He had extensive operations and missed 2 years of teaching and had problems the rest of his life. He never hunted again. The person who shot him was never found. They left the scene and teacher had to crawl over 50yds to the road and lay there until a passer by saw him. I have no sympathy for guys that cry when they get busted for shooting from the road. I was 12 when that happened and I will never forget it. You don't shoot at things you can't see or where there is no backstop for the shot.
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    My dad is from Texas, but has been here in scotland since 1972. He recalled a few stories for me over the years.. my favourite, if you can call it that, was his cousin billy Joe had been playing with his daddy's. 357 revolver as a kid, and discharged it in the house. He thought he had got away with it, filling the hole in the wall with toothpaste.... until his daddy came home and found the bullet had passed clean through his wardrobe and 'buttonholed' all his suit jackets and shirts!
    He also told me a few years back, he and his brother went up to Waco to see their dad who was getting a little past it (god rest his soul) . They wanted to take most of his guns as some people close to him were taking advantage. Anyway, they asked him if he still had his p38, yes he said, it's right here. He stuck his hand down the side of the armchair and pulled it out. It was loaded, cocked and ready to rock. They said they thought that was a little dangerous and he replied that it wasn't no use to him any other way if someone came through the front door at his age. They couldn't argue with that. Grampa then went on to point out the neat little hole through his side table and floor where he had pulled it out the week before and discharged it. Dad and my uncle took the p38!

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