Cigar holders
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Thread: Cigar holders

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    Cigar holders

    A couple of years ago I got tired of shredding my cigars while mowing. Bouncing around on my mower was causing me to clamp down. I was almost literately burning my cigars at both ends. I had to stop and trim often and being of Scottish heritage this upset me. I tried a few commercial holders but they were never quite right.
    I ended up making a couple that fit my mowing cigars. Works like a charm plus I smoke almost all of the stick.

    What is left of a cigar is on the upper right of the ashtray.
    The one on top is my first attempt.
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    Necessity is the mother of all invention! Nice choice in beverages too!
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    And I thought this was going to be a Monica Lewinsky joke. I really should pay more attention to which sub-forum I'm in.
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