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Thread: Transistor Radios

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    Transistor Radios

    Were developed in 1954.
    What year did you get your first transistor radio?,
    How many transistor did it have?
    I remember having a 7 transistor radio, then getting a13
    Transistor radio, and I thought I was hot stuff with that.
    Billions of transistor radios were built in the 60's and 70's.
    I remember listening to my 7 transistor radio in the back of my dad's bran new 59 Studebaker Lark station wagon.
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    Got a 7 transistor radio in 1964. Seems like it cost a little over $3. Here in Florida, with the antennae fully extended, and pointed in the right direction I could pick up WABC in NYC late at night. I was cool! Beatles, Beach Boys... I recall those wimpy 9 volt batteries wore out quickly and strained my allowance. AC

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    Probably got one around 1960, six transistors, little black and white plastic case, volumne and tuning dials on opposite sides on the same end as the telescoping antenna. 9 volt battery. Listened to several World series on that radio. I think WPTR was the popular channel at the time.
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    Yep, the last present for me under the tree, from "santa", was a transistor radio,my Grandma kept it, and gave it back to me before she died, still have it, mine was a deluxe, with the black leather carrying case!!! Tks for the memories. T Rex

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    I( got one for Christmas somewhere around '58 or '59. It was a kit I had to put together myself. I don't remember how long I had it or what happened ti it.

    With several brothers, It probably got destroyed during one of our brotherly brawls.

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    I received one somewhere @ 6 or 7 yrs of age. I was at my Grandmother's house when my Father brought it to me when he came home rom his required US Navy cruise.

    Isn't it funny how one can remember things like that for 60+ yrs.
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    I don't actually remember having one all my own, always had to share with my older brother (sucked more for him I guess) , however when I was in HS a friend of mine took his little brother’s “Space 1999” transistor radio/alarm clock and together we turned it into a pre-amp for my guitar -ran it through my brothers PA system and shook the whole house like crazy! I was kinda hooked on electronics at that point and went to school for it in the Marines..... fast forward about 36 years and I get laid off from my Network Architect position and was out of work for approx. 8 months (I refused to accept positions offered me that would have me move from eastern NC to N. VA) ..... I finally got my current job as a service technician (at a salary I used to make when I was 23-24 yrs old) based largely upon the fact that I went to Basic Electronics School in the military.... back in 1981!

    so -that little transistor radio not only started me on a career path that lasted almost 40 years, it STILL helped me get a job that saved my house aftr that!

    I got nothing but Love for them old transistor radios! Thanks for the memories!

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    Saved my allowance and got a silver and black hand held RCA transistor radio in 1967. I remember listening to the World Series during playground grade school recess breaks. I don't remember how many transistors were in that small box--LOL!
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    I recall having one, it was an ugly green one about 1974. I was driving a small stake bed truck for a heating A/C company and that kept me informed.........that is until I forgot it on the dash one summer scorching day, looked like a blob, thing still worked though! Prior to that somewhere in the early 60s, had one when I was about 11-12, picking up WLS out of Chicago was big time for a kid in southeast Wisconsin!
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    Guess I'm a bit younger since my first music entertainment was a cassette walkman. After that is was portable CDs then MP3 players.
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