Who are you?
I'm Greg - the Lead Hound of small (but growing) group of enthusiasts, who scour the web every day looking for best possible deals on guns, accessories, outdoor and prepping products. We visit dozens of sites, and strive to add at least one to our list every day.

What do you sell?
We actually don't sell anything. All we do is help you find great products at great sites at a great price.

Why are you doing that?
I started GunDealHound because I had a passion for firearms. With apologies to Steve Lee for stealing his line -"I like guns". I'm a strong believer in 2nd Amendment, and I also think that guns are tons of fun. My goal is that at the end of the day you are sure that you got the lowest price possible on whatever you want to buy.

Can I ask a question about a deal you posted?
Sure and if we know the answer we'll definitely reply. Otherwise, we may be able to tell you who might be able to help you better.

(and just to make it up to Steve - here is his fantastic song "I like guns")