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Thread: How'd you get into GPS?

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    My first encounter with GPS was when I was task to setup a Stratum 1 GPS clocking source to time and synchronize all of our network switching equipment in the Central Office I worked in. I had to select, purchase, and deploy\implement a redundant GPS clock system which was run off of 48VDC battery power and then setup distribution to all equipment for timing. The clock had to be cascaded down to match what type of clock input was required on each piece of equipment which could be anywhere from T1, E1, or 10 mhz clock. This was one of the more critical pieces needed in order to maintain synchronized operational timing and coordinate work done worldwide with other offices on GMT time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Judson View Post
    I got into GPS due to hunting somewhat unfamiliar territory in the Allegheny National Forest in PA. That was back in the 1990's. Technology has come so far that now I have GPS tracking for my bird dog.
    Must be a smart dog or a very easy to use GPS.
    I was just wondering Judson; does that bird dog know how to down load updated maps and everything? Or does he just track with the map you put in it?

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    My first GPS was a hand held Garmin I bought to take on my boat back in the mid 90’s. It was amazing how much gas I would save making a direct run back to a channel marker from20 miles out compared to using a compass and missing the mark by a mile or two after trolling and drifting while fishing.

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    Bought my 1st one back in '98 and it was a Garmin. Needed it for back up to my partner's Garmin. We were off on "another Adventure" to find "our" drilling rig in the steppes of the Republic of Kazakhstan. When your destination is about 250 -300 miles from the end of the pavement, it's kinda important to be able navigate. Still had my compass, but decent maps were hard to come by. In any case, the Garmin got us there and back multiple times.
    I "donated" my Garmin to my Translator when I came out the last time in Dec. 1999 (landed back in the USA about 16:00 EST on Dec. 31, 1999).
    I haven't been out of the Good Ole USA since and have NO PLANS to do so! Am too old to be traipsing around in the swamps or mountains anymore (this old paratrooper has bad knees, hips, etc.), so the GPS in my truck or on my phone serves me well enough.

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    Flying airplanes in Alaska, first was a Garmin 100? Then a smaller 55, would be flying along fat-dumb & happy, when, the GPS would say, “poor coverage”!!! They didn’t have all of the satellites up yet and you would hit gaps...

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    I still have the handheld Eagle GPS I bought in the late 80's or early 90's. No maps just a blank screen that showed tracks & waypoints. Always kept a compass attached to lanyard.

    Most memorable moment was snowmobiling after dark on James Bay, -48C with the wind chill, snowing like a bugger pulled GPS out of inside parka pocket and turned it on, took forever to lock on, but finally gave us compass bearing & distance before fading out, batteries died even quicker in the cold.

    After that I had a Magellan, it worked good for quite a few years before it finally died of old age.

    Now have a newer(+10 years old) handheld colour Garman c/w Topo Canada installed, I still keep a compass attached to the lanyard.
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