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Thread: How'd you get into GPS?

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    Many years ago during a long lost time (first marriage) in my life I had a boat set up to troll for salmon and steelhead on Lake Michigan. Most of the fishing was relatively close to shore, but one day I was caught in bad fog. I'd always assumed that a compass would get me back to shore so I didn't really need anything more precise. That was a very foolish concept and I nearly ran out of gas trying to find the harbor. After that I bought and used a Loran for several years. Then it happened again... More fog. I wasn't worried because I had my trusty Loran on board. Well, the Loran worked great in good weather, but not so much in the foul stuff. Long story shortened a bit, as soon as GPS became available I bought a unit and now have 'em with me any time I'm hiking or outdoors anywhere that I'm not intimately familiar with. (Besides, you never know when you might need to call in artillery, an air strike, or a medevac.)
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    About 10 years ago I got my first one from my daughters for Christmas. After years of tromping through the back country with a map and compass they thought I needed one in case I got lost. It sat in my drawer for quite a while, until I was introduced to Geocaching. I've been using a GPS reciever ever since.
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    Funny thing .... I got into gps for precise geodetic positioning. But I am a surveyor

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    I got one when I first started turkey hunting. I figured out one day they don't work well in the rain and got lost in the woods for a couple hours. Eventually I just figured my way out but learned to not just rely on the GPS.
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    My brother brought up the idea of getting some gps units. At first I wasn't too keen on it. He said our dad was getting older (he's 83 now-this was about 6 years ago) and what if we were out hunting and dad called us on the FRS radio, that he was in trouble and we didn't know exactly how to get to him. I said good point and I was on board. My brother set it up, the store had to get more from other stores for a total of three. They were already on sale and the day he called me to pick them up for us they were having an additional one day sale. We got three for little more than the price of one and everyone that worked there was angry I got them so cheap. They are Garmin Rhino 530's with built in radios. I bought the maps also.
    So we figure out how they work and present it to my dad. Were had fun wandering around his back yard with his wife laughing at us. Turning in circles to set the compass, etc.
    That deer season we got a call on the radio. My dad said he was wet and cold. While crossing a stream a rock rolled under his foot and he fell in. The water was shallow but he got soaked. It was about 30 degrees out that day. For him to call us was a big thing as he would never admit he needed help, he still hadn't admitted it but him calling us to tell us was enough to tell us that he did need it. He was about 500 yards from us and it would have taken a lot of time to find him without the GPS. He wouldn't take any of my extra clothing or let me make him something hot to drink, but we took his gear and helped him out of the woods.
    My brother said the units had just paid for themselves. I agreed. That was just what we bought them for.
    This past year dad was not prepared for the cold front that moved in while we were hunting. He called me on the phone and said it was too much and he wanted to head in. He hadn't brought the GPS because he just figured he was covered with the phone. I stick close to him now, not really hunting but more like keeping ready in case he needs us but far enough where he has his own space. I was about 300 yards when he called. I had to move toward him making wider and wider sweeps to find him. He said he won't leave the GPS home again.
    A side note- I carry a small pack with way more stuff than anyone else. I carry stuff for when things go bad, not for the nice weather at the moment. EVERY time I head to the Adirondack Mountains I bring winter clothing. They have 2 seasons. Winter and the 4rth of July. I may not bring it all in the woods but I bring extra in my pack for that day. I knew my brother was unprepared one time we went hunting. We went in and separated. After an hour I went and found him standing there shivering. Without a word I walked up, took off my pack, pulled out a stove and started cooking stuff. He had hot chocolate and oatmeal, etc. After half an hour he had control of his motor skills to walk out without injuring himself.
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    I've been long intrigued by them, but I'm so low-tech. I'd hate to invest in one and not be able to figure out how to use it. Heck, I just retired my old flip-phone for a smartphone two months ago! And I'm apparently the only member here who doesn't know how to post photos. Guess I'm just one of those guys who has to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.
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    I bought my first GPS for use in my boat. Used to do a lot of night fishing and can sometime be hard to find my way back to the launch ramp in the dark especially on the Mississippi river. GPS makes it simple-set a way point at the dock and follow the tracks back.
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