A few of my buddies where scouting the Dare CO. bombing range one day just before archery season. There was a corn field about a mile from their location. The Major was walking ahead of his two fellow officers and he stopped them and told them look here. There in the leafs was a small pile of deer poop. He pick up a pellet and told one of them check this out as he began to examined it. He smelled it and said, just what I thought. This deer's been eating corn. He smashed the pellet between his fingers and took another sniff and said this deer passed thru here going to that corn field over there. He popped the pellet into his mouth and said with a smile and excitement It's a buck. He walked down the trail a few feet and found another little pile of deer pellet and picked another one up and sniffed. One of the officers said how can you tell what that deer's been eating he handed him a pellet. Try it you'll be able to taste the corn. The young officer sniffed it then pressed it between his fingers and popped it in his mouth. He immediately spit it out and said, that don't taste like corn it tastes like shxx. The Major said hear try this it, will get that deer poop taste out of your mouth. The major handed him a chocolate covered raisin.