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    Many local farmers have acquired burros from the BLM , they will kill any dog or coyote they can catch in their pasture.
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    As Mehavey posted above this story has made it's rounds online several times. The true story is pretty cool but everything has to be enhanced these days!
    I had read the article shared above shortly after getting the photos in an e-mail back before social media.

    As for mules or donkeys killing coyotes you're looking at about the same story. Yes I've seen the photo of the donkey holding the coyote too BUT we all have seen the photo of the cougar attacking mule as well. So we all know we can't believe everything we see.

    But I do a lot of predator population control on cattle ranches and some of my best hunting spots have donkeys AND llamas (which are also said to be hard on coyotes)! In fact I have one property owner that has acquired all the unwanted donkeys he could find (and there are plenty since everyone purchased them for the same reason and are tired of feeding both them AND the coyotes) to rid himself of coyotes. He recently called me to ask me to try to remove some coyotes as they are STILL a problem.
    I have called coyotes in that have walked right past a half dozen donkeys and the donkeys did nothing more than watch. Unfortunately for this guy his 40+ donkeys were extremely curious when someone was walking around in their pasture after dark and wouldn't leave me alone to hunt!

    But if you think about it it really is easy to see. A coyote can hit speeds over 40 mph! Thats flying! The fastest donky is some wild donkey in Africa and I think it can reach 25mph. Other than the odd pup coyote messing up, a donkey won't be able to catch a coyote.
    Sure they can run it off if they are persistent and I'm sure they are outhere but I've yet to witness it.
    I've seen a cow cross 200 yards of pasture during the day to run of a coyote but never a donkey.
    Guard dogs (like Great Pyrenees) can be very protective but a coyote can outsmart them as well.

    Still to this day the best way to deal with a coyote problem is to remove the problem! 👍

    Now, all of that being said, these are still cool photos! 😉

    ~ JJ
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