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    Great thread, northmn. I am a person of 5+ decades, that learned to sew, bake, cook, can, hunt, fish, gut, skin, smoke (as in bacon!), and
    various and sundry other "homesteader" type skills. I am very happy to have learned them. I have had many occasions to use them.
    I am very sad to so so many youngsters who cannot function without being tethered to their electronics.
    I have to laugh at myself, though. I just put my first ever online order in for groceries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by northmn View Post
    The virus has brought this out, but I have seen it so much. Before she got married my oldest daughter did not bother to learn how to cook to any extent, she claimed restaurants were cheap enough. After she got on the usual marital budget we would get a call most nights, mostly starting out with MOM how do I make this? Her and her husband live close by now and they have a freezer gull of venison and other stuff and he makes his own venison sausage and cuts his own meat. I have cut my own deer for years. 14 days of quarantine would not be all that restrictive. I mean I have two daughters who would shop for the stuff that doe not keep like dairy goods and some foods. I mean they could leave it off at the door step and we could get it. Even if we were not given that type of food we would survive.

    Getting by. When 22 shells were nonexistent I had a 32-20 and other bullet molds and handloading equipment. Heck I load shotgun shells and if not shot with a 22 I could use a shotgun. Even have a supply of black powder and a 25 muzzle loader. We had a shortage of ammo one year where 30-30 and 35 Remington were just not on shelves. Handloaded them.
    Cut firewood and make a lot of my own things. Wife has a garden and we freeze vegetables. Showed my makeshift gun carriers for my tractor and 4 wheeler, some laughed but they work.
    IMG_0073.jpgDeer stand made out of a lot of scrap lumber and cut the posts. They are selling some pretty nice deer blinds and stand systems for quite a chunk of change now. I can make a pretty nice set up for less than $200. Seen $500 price tags on just the blind. Used to make a lot of tree stands and made ground blinds out of the stuff around me. Carried some twine and made my X sticks to shoot from. Changed a lot of oil, replace a few brake pads and so forth. Reading White Clouds comments hit home. When I was a city administrator I did not live in the city. Could not stand to live under the situations I had to deal with. Neighbors in P----g matches with each other, ordinances over grass length, etc. I now live out int he country on a back road and just enjoy the solitude.


    i live pretty much the same way.
    i own 60 acres of wooded creek bottom land and lease 250 next to me.
    and have free run of the 1200 acre ranch on the other side.
    i got 5 stands like that, several within walking distance.
    but hell, i can pretty much hunt from my porch or window.
    this stuff don't worry me much.
    i have a pond full of catfish, a big garden and a bunch of chickens.
    i can get water from a spring on my place if i have to.
    im about to plant 2 acres of peas here in a few days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timrekah1 View Post
    There is a lot to be said for skills that have been lost over the generations based on our present day consumerism and selfish - want it now - mentality. My wife and I were having this discussion several times as to how our parents and grandparents "made do" without modern conveniences. But even simple things like baking bread - I heard people are looking for bread machines at the second hand stores. Hmmmm how about making dough, letting it rise and then putting it into an oven - or even a dutch oven over hot coals?? And this is just the tip of the ice-berg. I appreciate your post northmn! Maybe this current situation will help us get back to simpler times? Maybe? Sorry but I'm skeptical. . .
    Yep, back in the day boys went to auto shop or wood shop and the girls went to home economics classes in high school. All skills long lost unless a family member teaches them today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrschutz View Post
    Yep, back in the day boys went to auto shop or wood shop and the girls went to home economics classes in high school. All skills long lost unless a family member teaches them today.
    I always thought every high school student { boys and girls } should have a automobile 101 class , so they would at least know the basics of autos , that way women wouldn't get charged for muffler bearings , etc when they take a car to a garage .
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    I'm a bit biased. My family is all Southern, and all hard working German immigrants. WE made do, like the OP mentioned. And after my divorce I've made do just the same.
    Both sides of the family grew their own food, up until the current generation, and even most of them still do. I still try to but have a hard time figuring out the growing seasons here with the AZ heat cycle.
    I remember when tp was often a splurge item and every member of the house had their own cloth for the bathroom trips. and I'm only mid 40's........

    I thought SOS, and hamburger gravy on buttered toast was a treat, at least for us kids. My parents thought it was stretching but as a kid any gravy on buttered toast was awesome.

    A lot of it depends on perspective, and to the folk that live off tv and the computer in their pocket they don't get it.

    Instant gratification, instant joy, instant next day order, instant panic.

    I live in Phx AZ in an RV with no heat, or ac. Have for the last few years. Kitchen is minimal, space is crazy small. Been through dozens of panics.
    Not making light of the situation at all. Please forgive me if I seem to, but I've seen this before.
    It's an I've been through worse, wash your hands don't go to work if you're sick, and Why are people freaking out moment for me.
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    They are freaking out because so many live on the edge of life with the availability of delivery anything. In my teen years I can't imagine restaurants staying open for take out during an epidemic. One more trip out to expose yourself to the problem. Duh.
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    I find using some of the old skills to actually be enjoyable in a way. Cutting wood for firewood, cutting wood is not the same as going fishing, but it is satisfying. I can still do it just not as much. I plant food plots because I feel like it is giving something back. Don't hunt turkeys but enjoy their presence and they do some to the plots. Seen other critters use them. They had shop classes in school but they were basically cabinet making and that sort of thing. Should have survival skills like changing oil and tires, replacing light switches and plug ins and basic plumbing repairs. Old fashioned I guess.

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    Went to SAMS around 10:00 am ... not a lot of people there ... what was there was Paper Towels and Paper Towels and Paper Towels and more Paper Towels. No limit on these 15 roll packs ... WalMart house brand - but right now nobody cares. They had them stacked 5 high and 4 Deep in about 15 foot runs. Group after group lining one edge of the major access walkways.

    Saw no one pass grabbing at least one.

    Dumb thing though ... Went to Lowe's ... Had to wait in line outside ... socially distanced (bs term) ... waiting to be granted access to the store.

    They were allowing only a certain number of people in at one time. Had monitors on the one Entry Door holding customers out. They had the total count of the number of people in the store. No one was allowed in until someone exited. The exit monitors counted the number of customers leaving and were telling the entry monitors how many they could allow.

    Orange Plastic cones and police tape everywhere blocking off getting too close to any workers or check out people.

    Wife and I got in fairly quick. We spent a while in the store loading a rolling pallet cart with Lava Rock, Top Soil Manure, some potting soil and 2 or 3 other small fertz and chemical items. Took 20 minutes or so at least. When we were ready to check out I needed to move the vehicle closer to the exit. I had originally parked down by the Garden Section only to find out that they were not checking out down there or letting anyone enter or leave down there. So I needed move to a closer loading location.

    All that to say this ... I had been conversing with a guy who was 2nd out behind us in line to get in. When I left the store to move the car he was the next guy in line to get to enter ... There were a bunch of really PO'd people in line. I heard ... "they are protecting us by making us stand around all these other people" ...

    We got to town at 9:40 a.m. and first stop was going to be Academy ... changed hours - weren't open until 10:00 according to the about 20 signs posted on the doors and windows. One of the employees hauling out the outside display stuff apologized about the change hours. Decided to come back after the SAMS and grocery store visit. That was an error. Came back around 2:00 after finishing up other shopping ... Store looked to be closed ... Got out of the vehicle and walked to the door - all of the store hour signs were gone - now there was no entry ... A customer waiting out front said the Fire Department had come by about 25 minutes earlier and shut them down. He had gone home, placed an order on line, got an email confirmation it was ready for store pickup and was outside waiting. He said an employee had just come out and told him it would be close to an hour before he got his stuff.

    Next stop was Home Depot. Was needing some sandpaper Lowe's didn't have. Drove to the store ... another line setup ... except this one was even better. Line was 2 wide ... everyone in the long line was shoulder to shoulder and pretty well packed front to back. They would have been much further from each other moving around in a crowded store. I didn't park just drove on the through the lot on my merry way.

    Did see milk, eggs and bread at the grocery today, the canned veggies section was a little more fleshed out and the meat cooler contents have made a comeback.

    But the idiocy continues ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 35 shooter View Post
    So does anyone think there's going to be a run on cloth diapers anytime soon
    I use cloth diapers for cleaning/finishing my guns. Used up the last one and now can't find any......
    Pay no attention to the mess in my shop. My best work comes from chaos!
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