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Thread: How do you lock up firearms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohihunter2014 View Post
    Okay, guys any recommendations on a safe? I have 9 long guns and several handguns. I have looked at the Winchester ones, but I am sketchy about buying a safe a gun and ammo company makes. My max would be about $500. My expenses will be going up so looking for the cheapest, yet best value.
    Winchester doesn't actually make the safes, they are made by an independent company that pays a licensing fee to use the Winchester name

    I have one that my wife gave me as a Fathers day present a few years ago and it is a decent safe for the money, if you buy them on sale at tractor supply
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    The main idea of any safe or storage cabinet is to delay access to any unauthorized person trying to get into it. The bigger, the heavier, the better the safe, the longer it will take to get into it. Hopefully, it will be enough trouble, that the unauthorized will either not attempt to get in, or will find it to be too much trouble and give up. This will usually deter a casual thief, such as one seeking drug money.

    A very determined thief will figure a way to take the safe away and open it at their leisure. The best discouragement to this is to bolt the safe to the floor, the wall, or both. This will also make it more difficult to tip the safe over to use pry bars on the door. It's harder to pry the door open with the safe upright.

    With a troubled youngster in the house, most acts will be impulsive, and it may be enough just to delay access for a while. If the youngster/teen is shown to be violent, hateful, and/or determined to be hurtful, all fire arms must be removed from the home early in the process. Do not trust any safe, cabinet, lock box, or trigger lock. Get the guns out. Ammo too.
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    Well everyone will be pleased to know the GF and I had a conversation last night about firearms in the house. Apparently the kids do not know she has her two firearms and no idea I have firearms either. She purchased her parents home when they retired and said last night, this is where my dads wood cabinet used to be. I told her I am leaving everything but my EDC gun with my mother because I do not trust the kids. She mentioned buying a safe and bolting it to the floor and I just told her I would be more comfortable with leaving them with my Mother. I asked her not to tell the kids I have a EDC gun and it will be locked in a small safe when I go to bed and when I leave and do not take it with me it will go into the safe and into the attic.

    My reasoning behind a cheaper safe is I really do not have extra money to purchase a $500 safe let alone a $1000 safe. Yes, I have one firearm that exceeds the cost of $500 and some around the $400-500 mark, but all I was looking for was to keep kids out of them. If a fire happens my firearms would be the last thing on my mind to be replaced.

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    this youtube video shows how quickly a professional thief gets into a safe

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    If you are on a budget I would look for a used safe on craigslist, facebook marketplace etc. My girlfriend has a small safe that came out of a jewelry store that she got for almost nothing. It is made from thick plate steel and weighs around a thousand pounds but is much better than any of that imported junk you find at the big box stores.

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