Auction Time.
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Thread: Auction Time.

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    Auction Time.

    Today, I followed a gun auction on line. The auction itself is only a half hour away, but online from the house with tea a biscuits works for me. Hundreds of lots went by, from a box of used bore cleaning rods, est £10-£12 to 12g shotguns in the thousands. Also many antiques, from Colts and remingtons to saddle flintlocks. I was kinda thrown today. Some I was interested in went for far less than I expected, and I failed to bid. Others I really fancied went for much more than I wanted to pay. I ended up buying one 12g SS for a modest sum. Some very fine rifles and shotguns were going for £50/£60! Real bargains. One No4 Lee Enfield Sniper went for a lot. I even say one round for a Gyrojet sell for £12.00. Gyrojet? really? I did think of some on this site when I saw a box of Lee Enfield stocks and forends go by. Problem is, you cant um and arr, the item comes up, and its gone in a few seconds. I have used auctions for almost fifty years and still dont get much right.

    The company is called Southams in a place called Bedford. A search may get you a look, but too late to bid. Actually, not true. Its usual to have a times auction a day or so after for items that failed to sell. May be worth a look..
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    But the shipping would eat us alive! Thanks!

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    Some mighty fine lookin' items!
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