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Thread: Henry is going with a loading gate.

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    I like the fact that Henry is at least giving everyone an option when it comes to the loading gate. I have read on here many times that the loading tube on Henry was the reason they would not buy one. Well, now instead of buying that Remlin with a loading gate, you have an option. The MSRP may be a grand, but it will most likely sell in the $600 to $700 range. Just my opinion of course. Now, I would not replace a JM stamped Marlin with the new Henry, but Henry is not competing about JM stamped Marlins. Henry is competing against Remlins. One has to admit, Henry's customer service is really good. I will most likely buy one once I can put my hands on one. I will not buy one without seeing it. I have two Henrys, but have several Marlin JM stamped models.
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    I'd have to see it to believe it if a Henry Lever was under 600. A big boy steel is MSRP over 8 with out a loading gate. No way Jose MSRP would be under 6 bills.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Duke View Post
    I'd have to see it to believe it if a Henry Lever was under 600. A big boy steel is MSRP over 8 with out a loading gate. No way Jose MSRP would be under 6 bills.
    $650 at Tombstone Tactical and Buds. Marlins same price. LGS' will vary. Marlin's are good guns, don't sell the Henry's short. Buyers got what they wanted. Henry listened. You won't get that from Remlin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luisyamaha View Post
    I don't understand the fascination with the side loading gate. ....... Nobody seems to mind the tube loading on .22's. So, what's the big deal? I also can't see a negative to having BOTH options.

    What gives? Or is it a case of sour grapes?

    IMHO we don't "seem to mind" the tube loading on .22's, because that's the way it's always been.
    Personally, I never liked it. But it's the way it is.
    I prefer to keep the 'business end' of my rifles pointing away from me, even when loading them.

    If they could make a side loading gate on a .22 that wouldn't risk igniting the primer, I'd be all over that!

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    A 35 Rem with a side gate and what looks like a tube feed option? I see one in my future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OLSKOOL View Post
    Remlin is in trouble? haha they were in trouble long before henry started giving them trouble,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Hmmmm I'm not sure I'd say that Remlin is in trouble. More like a win-win situation for the community of lever gun lovers...who now have yet more options to choose from. It's not just a case of Marlin vs. Henry, as there have always been a lot of options to choose from...don't forget Rossi, Pedersoli, Uberti, Chiappa and sometimes Miroku/Winchester. I'm glad Henry is trying to answer consumer wants...and at the same time Remlin will strive to be better than it has been lately. Like I said, a win-win for us consumers. BTW, if Henry offers one with a solid loading tube...ie. without the option of front-end loading, then I'll buy one. I don't like that open sore on the mag tube.
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    Wander if the triggers will be horrible like their other rifles. I have two Henry’s both with 3 pound triggers after I did trigger jobs. Glad to hear about their new rifles. Soon as the steel 35 Remington comes available I’ll get one.

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    I don't know if they are in trouble, I recently (this year ) bought a new Marlin 1894 .357 magnum and I am very pleased with my purchase. It functions very smooth and with no problems and the walnut furniture is sweet.
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    I have previously oqwned one Henry and no Remlins so I cannot compare the two. However competition is good for the consumer and Henry has done an outstanding job of keeping the lever action rifle in the marketplace, even without a loading gate. I guess I am fortunate enough to have acquired one or more JM's in every caliber I enjoy shooting and loading for so I won't be actively looking for a "new" rifle. That said, I am pleased that Henry is doing well with a very comprehensive selection of models and caliber choices. I am also pleased too hear better reports on the quality of the newer Remington made Marlins, but there are obviously a decades worth of them that made it to the consumers with issues I don't care to deal with.
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