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Thread: recoil sensitive bear defense

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    If recoil is an issue and the .45-70 is in question, I'd recommend something perhaps along the lines of the Beartooth Piledriver lite at 1650 to 1700 fps. The bullet will penetrate quite readily and do some amount of internal damge, while keeping recoil fairly light, perhaps 6 to 8 Ft-Lbs more recoil than the .30-30.

    Given ballpark measurements, and some amount of experience with 300 grain bullets, a load such as suggested above would come in at about 20 to 21 ft-lbs of recoil, while the typical .30-30 carbine will go 12-14 ft-lbs.

    It is when you move up to the 400+ grain bullets that recoil can become noticeable, though a 425 grain bullet at 1650 fps has a fair amount of calculated recoil, it's delivery is not as sharp as a rifle that has a higher-velocity projectile. Part of the "equal and opposite" thing.

    I still maintain the .30-30 is no slouch for bear, though I will never discourage a person from purchasing another firearm, and especially a big-bore lever.
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    I think a hot load in the 30-30 I'd probably the easy answer.

    OTH a 12 gauge with 3 inch Brenneke Black Magic slugs will be better ...

    and you can use a short barreled pump shottie with a recoil absorbing stock like the Knoxx.

    Or pick a soft shooting auto loader like the Mossberg 930 SPX.

    I guarantee that if your gal had to fire off a couple of shots at a charging bear, she would not feel the recoil one little bit, until the adreanaline subsided, the shakes ended and she started thinking clearly again.

    John Davies
    Spokane WA USA

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    A link to a definitive read on the performance of various common rifles/shotguns for bear at close range.. Here the government did exhaustive tests on many common rifles with common factory loads. Their goal was to find the best load for their personnel working in bear country. The results are an eye opener. Note all the bullets tested are standard cup and core designs. When the testing was done, many of the controlled expansion bullets generally available in factory ammo today had not hit the market. Some of the better controlled expansion rounds, would have influenced the results.

    An interesting exert: To determine penetration and recover
    fired bullets, we used the testing medium
    recommended by Hagel (197,
    who found that recovered bullets shot
    into a moistened mixture of 50 percent
    fine silt and 50 percent fine sawdust
    (by volume) were similar to bullets
    removed from various big game
    animals, including brown bears.
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