Deer Chili, homemade soap, and the garden.
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    Deer Chili, homemade soap, and the garden.

    This afternoon after cooking a large pot of deer chili I went outside to admire our garden. We will easily have enough veggies for the summer, plus enough to can for the winter. While I was out there Leann was busy making another batch of homemade bar soap in the utility room. Our freezer is full to the top with deer, rabbit, pheasant, and wild boar. And tommorrow we are trying our luck with the perch in lake Erie.

    We do this not for economic reasons, but because it is our lifestyle. And there is a tremendous warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with being self sufficiant.

    I have tried to explain this to many people that are addicted to the "comforts" of society. The problem is that they generally assume that nothing could ever happen that would cause a shift in those comforts. So they buy thier tofu burgers, and filtered water while being oblivious to thier natural instinct to provide for thier families through the art of hunting and gathering.

    I would imagine that you are wondering if there is a question, or point to this posting by now. My question is how self sufficiant are you??

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    Deer Chili, homemade soap, and the garden.

    100% for sure.Two campers with 2-100# propane tanks-2-generaters 4,000 and 2250-5-tents and two stoves 5-RV batteries and two Inverters-1200&400-And a freezer for all the game(Small and large)Along with 2-propane frigs and 2-stoves w/ovens and of course all the iron skillets and Dutch ovens.Plus the camping gear-Stoves -lanterns-bags and a wall tent I used to live in for months at a time.

    Bring it on.....The wife cans and we always have lots of food on hand.Beans(3 Kinds)-Potatoes-Rice-Oatmeal-Flour-suger-Salt-Noodles-Coffee and gotta have my creamer.

    Never know when things might get bad or something terrible happens to an income or such.

    Be prepared.....Jayco.
    Howdy Boys.

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