Looking for accurate, reliable, inexpensive .22 rimfire hunting ammo? Federal's American Eagle brand 38 grain long rifle hollow point ammo is a proven performer. Listed in their catalog as AE22, Federal claims 1260 fps muzzle velocity. In recent testing I saw 1256 fps from my Marlin 39A, and 1043 fps from my 5.5" Ruger semi-auto. This is some very good, accurate ammo, suitable for small game hunting. It's the most reliable .22 ammo I've found, feeding well in my lever action Marlin, my semi-auto Ruger pistol, and the 10/22's both of my sons use. Each of those firearms has malfunctioned with other types of .22 long rifle, but this American Eagle hollow point ammo feeds very easily.

I've used it on western rock chucks out to 75 or 80 yards, with good success:

For accuracy, I've been able to keep most groups at about an inch at 50 yards, from prone, with my Marlin 39A. It's an awful lot of fun, plinking at small-scale steel gongs at 25 or 50 yards with friends and family!

Graf and Sons lists it at $2.29 per box of 40 rounds. Remember when .22 rimfire ammo was a penny a shot?

Federal has more ballistic info on this bargain priced ammo on their web site: www.federalpremium.com