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    Thanks again guys. Semi-auto function did not occur to me. More to these little suckers than figured. Got some homework. Appreciate the advice.

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    22 lr

    The old timer man i bought my JM 1895 from, told me this about ammo when i asked input about 22lr for my XT22:

    "It will depend on what your gun likes; same brand, year and model rifle will prefer different rounds.
    Get small boxes of a variety and compare your groups.
    To each their own, these things have unique personalities."

    I believe him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HIKayaker View Post
    For defense, I would recommend the ultra high velocity rounds such as Stingers. Also, you didn't say what you would be shooting these from. If you have an autoloader, be sure that the rounds you choose will cycle the action 100% of the time. Not a problem with a revolver.
    HIKayer is right, test them in your gun. The Stinger case is about one tenth of an inch longer and because of this is some guns with tight chambers they don't function well. The Stinger is a 32 grain bullet rated at 1640fps. If you are trying for max speed try the CCI Velocitor. They have a standard case length so it should function well in a 22's. They are listed as a 40 grain bullet at 1435 fps. The Aguila Interceptor is 40 grain bullet at an advertised 1470 fps.
    I personally don't care for Stingers because I have to remember what they work in and don't work in. I don't think a critter will notice the difference between a 32 grain at 1640 fps and a 40 grain at 1400+ fps. Stingers, Velocitors, and Interceptors will cost you more. You will have to decide if it is worth it versus the regular 22 rated at 1250 fps.
    Their is a 22 for just about anything you want to do.
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    For the most part, I set up hunting guns with what they like and target guns with whatever I like to buy and shoot up for fun.

    I have guns set up exclusively for ONE round, again for hunting like this:

    Around the house: Ruger American Bolt Action - CCI Quiet

    Marlin 60SS: in the woods - Stingers

    Ruger 10/22: range toy - shoot anything

    Ruger 22/45 LITE: Range toy - CCI only

    and so on....the .22LR has many faces, if you only have one gun and want one round, the Federal Champion is quite superior to all except the CCI and I put these on an equal playing field with the Federal....the only problem with the CCI is the heavy wax, I don't care much for the heavy wax, therefore I'd go the Federal Champion as "one round for all" if I had too.

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