Speer Gold-Dot & Federal SP Performance
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Thread: Speer Gold-Dot & Federal SP Performance

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    Cool Speer Gold-Dot & Federal SP Performance

    I just finished testing Speer's 100gr Gold-Dot HP and Federal's American Eagle 100gr SP out of a Ruger Single-Seven .327 Federal Mag with a 4.5" barrel. The Gold-Dot was found in the third milk jug at 20yd's. Expansion was excellent larger than the Federal offering. The Federal soft point was found in the fourth milk jug at 20yd's. Expansion was somewhat less than the Gold-Dot, but offers better penetration. Milk jugs were filled with water and aligned at 20yd's.
    First two are the Gold-Dot, last two are the Federal sp

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    I've been a big fan of Gold Dots every since they came-out and have probably pressed and seated 1000s of them over the years. But a lot of people, especially Internet ballisticians, claim the Gold Dots are prone to plugging with clothes and will not expand properly if they do.

    I sure do think I want a wheel gun in 327 Mag though. I was looking at a Smithy 632 earlier today.

    I think the day Marlin figures-out how to make a levergun in 327 Mag ... I'm diving in head first on a companion rifle/wheelgun set.

    Thank you for the pictures and results.

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