UV cured glues.
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Thread: UV cured glues.

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    UV cured glues.

    Posted this here because I didn't know where else to post it. Are the UV cured glues you see on TV/internet any good? Some repairs seem too good to be true. Anyone use them?
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    Weird story about UV glue... When I was a teenager (13) I got braces. My teeth are not shaped normally and they couldn't get any of the bands to fit... Direct bonding had just come out and they glued the brackets for the wires directly to my teeth using a UV cured glue... They held in place the full time I had braces... 3 years...
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    I have no experience with consumer, DIY grade UV adhesives (Bondtastic??). They most likely work as advertised. You just need to think through what you're going to bond with them. I wouldn't stake my life on them. I don't think they're miracle products. The only advantage is short cure times.

    Working as a manufacturing engineer for Levelite Technology back in the mid-1990's when it was still a 40-person start-up was the first time I was exposed to UV curing adhesives. We used these adhesives to bond the collimating lenses and beam splitters in the product (self-leveling lasers).

    Levelite SL.jpg

    The adhesives were very strong. Strong enough for the optics within the product to withstand a 10 ft. drop onto a concrete surface. But we're talking relatively small masses of the optical elements.

    One of the issues we had with the adhesive was with extreme temperature environments in which our product could be used in. High and low temperatures would cause the cured adhesive to expand and shrink. Even this minute shrinkage would effect focus and beam location (calibration). Our adhesive supplier didn't have a solution for us but they spent a lot of time and effort working with us to find one.

    We developed a (brilliant!) in-house solution to this problem. However, the solution did pose a problem for me when trying to ramp up production from 10 units/day to 100 units/day.

    Later, when I moved on to medical devices, UV adhesives were used to bond and seal catheter electrodes and 36-gauge wire leads into the device handles.

    My dentist uses UV curing fillings; no more mercury amalgams these days.
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