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Thread: Upgrading the door knobs around the house?

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    I ordered a high end paring knife from Amazon. Apparently they come three to a box, 'cause that's what I got.

    I called Amazon and was told to keep the other two, they didn't want them back. So I had two nice gifts for friends.

    On the other hand, I've also had occasions where they sent a prepaid mailing label to replace the one one the package, to send it back.
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    I would already have them listed on Ebay if they gifted them to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike 2010 View Post
    My uncle ordered a depth finder that was on sale at BPS for less than $100 & got an $1100 one, being a good guy he called & returned it. He got his 2 days later express, with a Thank you.
    I feel a little pang of guilt keeping those locksets (they're pretty much useless to me) but I tried to return them. Maybe not as hard as I should have. I seriously worry about ba-chi (Japanese slang for bad karma).

    When I first started reloading I bought a brick of primers from the local sporting goods store. The elderly lady working the register (I think she was the owner of the store) rang me up for the primers and the basket load of other stuff I needed and I drove home.

    When I looked at the receipt, I was charged $2.95 for the entire brick, not $29.50. I drove back the next day to give them the balance owed. The guy at the gun counter thought I was nuts because I bothered to drive 30 miles round trip to square up. I told him you might not have a job down the road if you start giving stuff away.

    I left with a 50% discount for my trouble.

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