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Thread: Choosing a Cowboy Marlin

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    Oh yeah. For sure. I have a slip on pad that helps too.

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    This recoil table has proven to be pretty accurate and very useful. A 45-70 loaded to original BP levels is still around 18 ft lbs if recoil in an 1895CB. You can soften that a bit by filling the mag tube but then it is heavier too for bad shoulders.

    The .357 might be on the light side for much game but my wife knocked down a few whitetails with her 1894C. A 44 mag with factory ammo is about 2/3 of the 45-70 BP level loads recoil (405 @ 1330). The 45LC can be like a 357 or 44 mag. My 45 is a very light but strong action at about 5lbs. It is almost as much fun to shoot as the 357 but can shoot 300gr loads that rival the 45-70.

    If I were in your situation I would look for a .38-55 or buy a 30-30 I like and have it converted to 38-55.

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    I have a Cowboy II, 24", in .45LC. It's a sweet shooter, with very low recoil, even without using the cowboy loads. My 120 lb. daughters shot it last week, and had no complaints.

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    I really like my Cowboy in 45LC with a 24" barrel. I don't hunt with it, just plink. It just seems to know where I want the bullet to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgavin View Post
    IMO, the need dictates the gun.

    Hogs and Bear tell me 45-70.
    A bad shoulder tells me 357.

    Looking at the numbers, a light 45-70 250gr load with H335 in a 7.0 lb gun is going to recoil around 16+ ft.lbs.
    Compare this to a 125 grain in 357 at 1+ ft.lbs in a 6.5 pound rifle.

    The 45-70 is well into the range of shotgun recoil.
    My 1895 CB 45-70 firing Winchester superX 300 gn kicks a tad less than my 16 ga. dbl bbl with hot loads just under max. But if you have a shoulder problem it might be too much for ya../ maybe find someone close to ya and let them let you try one out first?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ironhead7544 View Post
    I would go with the 44 Magnum. Load 200 gr cast at 44-40 speeds for practice. Full 240 gr loads for hunting.

    I have a 24" 44 Magnum Cowboy.
    My well used Rossi 92 44 mag. one move of the sight elevator, 44.40 lead to 240 XTP 44 mag.

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