I am totally, almost, computer illiterate, but this may help some folks.
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Thread: I am totally, almost, computer illiterate, but this may help some folks.

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    I am totally, almost, computer illiterate, but this may help some folks.

    We are buying a new house at the coast and it is more internet isolated than our farm in the mountains was for years. There is virtually no service other than satellite available for my daily MO fix.
    Went to Verizon two days ago to look at upgrading my phone with their coverage and and a hot spot. Was about ready to succumb to the price of a new phone and get rid of my cheapie $12 per month one that works for me.
    The clerk showed me a "MiFi", for 49 bucks, on sale due to Covid. On Amazon they are $150+ used I had to sign an outrageous contract for 24 months at $80 but it will and does run my old phone, tablet, laptop and my wife's at a speed comparable to or better than Charter at 2.4. I am sure there are other options, but for our needs it works well and I actually had great reception on the boat yesterday.

    In time I will figure out the negatives and probably some better options, but now I can stay in touch with Fox News and sleep well at night. For most on here this is not an option, but hopefully it will give some of diehards who choose to live in the outer limits an option to check out. I have another week or so to return it if someone has a better option they would like to share.
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    Most smart phones will act as a mobil wifi hotspot.

    That's what I use when I travel to the NC coast. Works fast enough for me. I use Verizon also.

    Don't know if that's an option for you due to your phone features/coverage plan/monthly cost....
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