New computers using much less wattage; sans a mamouth video card
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    New computers using much less wattage; sans a mamouth video card

    I have an older Dell Inspiron 660s Intel® Core™ i5-3340 Processor 3.30 GHz (Windows 7 upgraded to Windows 10) along with a much older Compaq d530 SFF Pentium 4 (XP upgraded to Windows 7); I have kept the Compaq to run my wife's embroidery machine. The Compaq has an upgraded video card and wanted to I check the wattage with a plug in power energy meter I just bought. Watching the wattage from boot up to transferring files from a CD to the hard drive, I saw the Compaq computer was pulling around 120W-140W with an 185 watt power supply. I have also bought an updated video card for my Dell 660s (the card recommended for my computer from Dell) and I was surprised to see it is a 50W card, even though it only has a 200w power supply. I attached my plug in power meter and saw it was drawing 100w less than the Compaq.This means, assuming the onboard video controller is using some wattage (I have read anywhere from 7W-20W), the computer will still be drawing less than 100W during normal/ average use. Obviously there are video cards out there that are so power hungry they need their own power supply, but when looking at the basic power needs of a computer, I was surprised how much less power the newer computers are using.
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    You'll find it uses less oil, too...
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    Power consumption was the big thing in recent years, because pushing clock speeds higher became... difficult, to say the least. My new laptop doesn't even run its fan most of the time, and my desktop gaming PC takes far less power than my old Pentium-4.

    However, with AMD getting into a core fight with Intel, you might start seeing sixteen-core desktop CPUs instead of four-core, which will push up the power consumption again when they're all in use.

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