Keeping desktop version on Iphone
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Thread: Keeping desktop version on Iphone

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    Keeping desktop version on Iphone

    I hate the enhanced mobile version of MO so always switch back to the desktop version when getting on w/my phone which is most of the time anymore it seems...too convenient. Sometimes it’ll stay in that mode for 3 or 4 days then others like recently every time I look @ MO it has logged me off and gone back to mobile again. I seldom log myself off so what am I doing wrong? BTW, I’m not the most IPhone savvy person so maybe some of you experts can help me out.
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    Don't like the mobile version either and stay with the desktop version too! If memory serves me correctly (ha), you can check a "stay logged in" box somewhere. Seems like occasionally, my electronic devices do the same thing and kick me out of sites and I have to log back in too!
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    At least you all can log in. I can't even do that. I had issues with it not letting me select exit enhance mobile view then suddenly it wouldn't let me log in. Keeps telling me I've entered an incorrect password but I can go onto the desktop and log right in with the same password. In fact, I'm logged in right now. A while back when that was going on, I tried to update my contact email and I got a confirm email message and I also got one about a new password that was like 20 characters long. I entered that and tried to change my password back to what it's always been but it wouldn't take it. So now I'm pretty much dead in the water as far as accessing Marlinowners from my phone.

    Honestly, I'm about pissed about the whole thing and hardly ever even pop in here just because the only place I access via desktop is at work and I'm normally way too busy.
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