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Thread: Tell Us Your Story about Who Introduced you to Shooting/Hunting

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    10 years old, Mount Lowe Military Academy, indoor range, prone, ,22LR Springfield 1922 M2 Trainer

    An uncle took it from there.
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    I had a Red Ryder bb gun, yep got it for Christmas too. Sometime before I was 10 I had shot a .22 rifle, not long after that my Dad took me and his hound in the woods and his dog treed a squirrel and Dad turned it and I missed it with a Stevens single shot 20ga. Couple years later I was allowed to take the .22 from outta the corner in the living room and wander around the woods with it. We pretty much lived in the woods the house was actually in the forest. It was not surprising to see deer turkeys coyotes or whatever from the backdoor. Being around 12 I wandered up into the hills a little farther each time with that .22. Must been hearing the call of the wild and I been wandering around ever since.
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    I think my first shots were fired in my dads lap at 3 or 4 yrs old. I remember it well because it caused a big flap in the house. My dad was holding the rifle and I was pointing and pulling the trigger. We were shooting at a big gold colored lard can. Then somehow a neighbor's cat walked between us and the can. There was a big argument over who was at fault but my dad stuck up for me and said it was the cats fault. About the same time I remember sitting in dads lap and we were shooting his Iver Johnson Sealed 8 at the glass inserts for my mothers Mason jar lids. As I remember she wasn't to proud of us for that either.

    Dad bought me a Marlin 1897 carbine for my 5th birthday. There were a lot of family there and I guess I got a bunch of toys and such but all I remember is the rifle. My mother wasn't happy that I was ignoring everything but the rifle. It turned out well because several uncles shortly there after gave me guns.

    The following year dad gave me a Stevens 94 single barrel 12g. I remember shooting it down on river bank at bottles dad threw out in the current. He didn't believe in 410s so he bought me low brass up at the Western Auto store and a slip over recoil pad.

    I had military rifles that uncles gave me but never shot them that much till I got older. Bought my first Deer rifle off friend of my dad a Rem 8/35 cal when I was 12. I really didn't get whole hog into guns till I was about 14, then I started getting a little excessive. Anyway that's what the family said.
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