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Thread: Unexplained Phenomenon That You Have Encountered

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    Being married for 63 years and not one konck on the head. she's forgiving.
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    my dad passed away this past october.
    he and i was hunting buddies all my life.
    deer season was real hard on me.
    opening morning i was sitting in my stand with tears in my eyes.
    then i noticed a mist in the air that filled the whole inside of the blind.
    it hung around for several minutes then faded away.
    after it left, a nice buck came out and stood broad-side.
    i really felt like dad was there with me for those few minutes.
    i don't know what it was. i hope it was him.
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    I'm very sorry to hear about your father passing away last October. Hunting buddies too, that's got to be tough

    It sounds like he was there in spirit. It is very easy to get caught up in the tangibles of this world.

    We should not be naive and dismiss the possibility of an eternal spirit.

    Keep the faith, he's watching out for you.

    Mike T.
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    On a nice moonlit night, I was coming home from work on my motorcycle. I decided to take
    a longer, different way to the house. On a country road through the woods, I came to a bend that had an
    old overgrown driveway. Just as I started into the bend and seeing the driveway, a very strange
    feeling came over me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I felt like something dangerous
    was about to happen. It was a very intense feeling and lasted about 10 seconds. I came out of the bend
    and looked back, but saw nothing.
    A few days later in broad daylight, I rode through that same bend. I slowed down and stopped at the
    old driveway. Nothing - no bad feeling.
    I thought about it a lot. I don't know what happened and can't explain it, but I will never forget the
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    Great stories. We are as spiritual as we are physical. Really believe we get help from another dimension, just make sure you are asking for help from the right side. I pray that god sends angels to guide and protect my family. Make sure you listen. Always follow your gut. Many times I take a different way home just because it feels right. Must work as Ive been blessed.
    In the 80’s I was driving to work one day, had a 79 jeep cy7. A voice in my head said, “you’ll need your baseball bat!” Very clear feeling. Reached in the back and dug out my bat which was covered with junk. Got to work and my buddy Steve, who is a airhead, was being kept from going into the building by a older hardbutt in a big car. Dude was yelling at him, road rage. Just walked up with the bat and asked if we had a issue. Dude took off. Still have the friend, and thinking of this Reminds me I need to find away to approach him about faith. He’s getting older and needs to get it together.
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    Marlin Marksman
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    I've seen two that I can't explain.

    In 1964 (14 years old) I was BB gun hunting in central MI with a friend of mine in an apple orchard. We both saw, at the same time, what looked like a Gemini space capsule tumbling slowly end over end across the horizon. We figured it was about 1-2 miles away or maybe a little further. It was visible for only for a few seconds before it descended and disappeared below the tree line. We related our siting to our parents and others but nothing ever became of it. No local plane crashes or odd happenings were reported. Still wonder what it was to this day.

    In 1988, I was stationed at Minot AFB, ND. On a warm, crystal clear, July summer day I was mowing the lawn. I happened to look up at the sky at the same instant a burst of silent light shone so bright it hurt my eyes and temporarily blinded me. It also gave me a headache. It took several minutes to recover from what I'd seen and how it affected me. It wasn't from the sun as it was in a different location in the sky at the time. I asked several of my friends if they'd seen it. They hadn't. Also, there were no base information office reports of what I'd seen either. I can only think it was a meteor burning up/exploding high in the earths atmosphere.
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    2 years ago I was on a back road hunting, I sit on the ground. about 150yds at the end of the road I saw what looked like a large 2 legged man/something cross the 10ft. wide road in the blink of an eye. it was solid black. I had no idea what I really saw it happened so fast. I told my wife and she laughed at me and said a big foot would get me. about 2 weeks later me and her went over there hunting. she was in the box stand and I went to a small field with my flintlock. right about dark, time to see a deer, in the still quiet to my left in the woods I would say 75yds away I heard the loudest BAM! I have ever heard in the woods. it sounded like 2/4 boards slamming together as hard as a man can slam them! I sit there confused for about 3 min. then about 40 yards into the woods, BAM! even louder! I looked at that flintlock, that may fire or may not fire, I got up and left! if I had a real gun I would have stayed. but man I have no idea what that was, well maybe an idea. but I just don't know. after that I was in there hunting and heard it again at a distance but that day I had my 250-3000 rifle, I stayed till dark but heard nothing else,,,,,,,,,,
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    This happened around 1983 when I was bodyguarding in South Florida. I was on midnights and was at my desk on the second floor of the big main house in Golden Beach. Golden Beach is at the far NE corner of Miami-Dade county. It is one of the few places that has houses right on the Atlantic in the whole area. It was about 01:30 and I was talking to one of the maids that was just going off duty. We heard a tremendous crash from downstairs. If you have ever been near a bad car crash, you know the sound of a crash. This was way, way louder and we could hear the sound of glass and debris hitting the marble floor down there. The entire back area of the big house was very large sliding doors and my first thought was that someone had run a high speed boat into the house from the ocean. Then total silence. I was expecting to hear people running through the house, but no sound at all. I told the maid to stay there and I would go take a look. She said, "NO WAY, you are not leaving me here alone!" She grabbed on the back of my shirt and we went down the winding steps together. With my light in one hand and my revolver in the other, we crept up to the door to the big living room. Looked inside, nothing. Looked in the other rooms, nothing. Looked outside, nothing.

    This really scared the Haitian maid. She said, "This cant be, it just cant be! This house is haunted!" She was crying uncontrollably. She quit soon after.

    I was glad she was there with me. If I was alone, I would have thought I was hallucinating. Two people were sleeping upstairs and it did not wake them up. It should have, the building also shook. Never had a repeat of this incident. I worked there six years.
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    I really find it comforting that so many others have had "incidents" that they could not explain.
    You so want to tell your friends/family, but you know they won't believe you. You almost don't believe it yourself.
    My cousin Gary was a year older than me. We lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools. Spent a lot of time together camping and shooting on my uncle's farm. Grew up in a "gun" family. Lots of LEO, military, competition shooters.
    Gary and I would go to the farm on weekends and stretch out bedrolls in the back of my old pickup. Just before first light we would spread out a blanket on a knoll we camped by and wait for whatever came along, coyotes, cotton tails, armadillos, whatever.
    We had just gotten up and spread out our blanket. The fire was gone long ago.
    Not quite light enough to see, but light enough to see movement.
    I'm fiddling with my rifle when Gary pokes me in the ribs and points.
    At this time I am still seriously myopic with very bad astigmatism(Coke bottle glasses) and I'm struggling to see what he sees.
    Then I see it, I think. It's a shadow, as best I can describe it, bipedal. Walking along a fence line maybe 200 yards across the pasture. Sauntering along as if it hadn't a care in the world. Only reason I could see it was because it was darker than the background behind it and moving.
    Looks like a man, but I couldn't see it well enough to make the distinction. I'm a poor judge of size and distance, but what struck me was it didn't seem tall as it seemed wide! like a shadow of the Michelin Man.
    We watched it for maybe 75-100 yards before it disappeared into the bottoms.
    The back side of my uncle's farm butted up to the Sulfur river here in North Texas, and there was a long railroad trestle, maybe 100 yards long, 30-40 feet over the river. Gary and I spent many bricks of .22's shooting at bottles and snakes that were floating down the river from that trestle.
    We told our parents about the "thing". Of course they didn't believe us. There have been a few urban legends about the Sulfur river over the years.
    Gary passed away in 84, so I have no one to back up my story, and I honestly don't know what I saw. But after it was gone I asked him"Okay, tell me what you saw". He saw pretty much what I saw only a bit better.
    I lived in Southern Indiana (Morgan county) for my first 7 years. Our farm was across from a state forest and we spent all of our time there picking morels. I spent a lot of time in the 75 or so acres of bottom land near the river on my uncle's farm.
    I spent my time in the Army at Ft. Leonard Wood Mo., which is almost all forest.
    I have never been afraid of "the woods". But from the time I was big enough to handle a.22 single shot I was preached at "never step off the pavement without some kind of ordnance in your hand"!
    72 years old and I'm still that way!
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