The mother in law
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Thread: The mother in law

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    The mother in law

    One fall while living in Montana, a friend and I put in an elk camp at the mouth of a big deep draw that emptied into a large lake. One night as we lay in our cots discussing different things the subject turned to his mother in law, who at that time he was having trouble with, and they were not getting along very well.
    The night was very still and not a breath of air was moving. In the conversation he said,"you know I think she is a witch". At that very moment we heard a roar like a 747 coming down the draw and when it got to camp the tent blew out like a balloon. It lasted about 5 mins. and we didn't say a word the whole time. When it was over we talked about how weired that was and decided to change the subject.
    Well the change of subject lasted all of 10 mins. and we were right back to talking about her, and sure enough here it comes again, this time it just about took the tent down. Not another word was ever spoken about her again, while in elk camp.
    I haven't been back to Mother in law Gulch since, but would like to go see if it has changed since '95.
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    It might just be worth a trip back to see. That way you would be able to put that thought to rest. LOL

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    I am prone to believe that there are a lot of M.I.L.'s out there like that.
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    i agree. good story though.
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    Just don't bring a camcorder....that always ends badly!
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