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Thread: Camp 9 or not

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    Quote Originally Posted by pig ninja View Post
    i have one that my wife has taken from me, not sure if i will ever get it back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by furlong222 View Post
    I have the hi pointe carbine and like it a lot - its a fun gun and a pretty good home defense or camp gun....the hi pointe is way cheaper....not pretty but its a hoot and a half
    I have heard good things about the Hi-Point. I like the Ruger because of it's magazine versatility - I'm not a 'Glock-guy' so I use the 'Ruger' mag-insert and by 'dremeling' a vertical slot into the front of my S&W M&P magazines they work just fine - so my PC-Carbine is cross-compatible with my M&P pistols!

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    I have a CX4 Storm by Beretta in 9mm. It uses magazines from my 92fs. I have only shot it at 25 and 50 yrds. It has an Aimpoint PRO cowitnessed with the iron sights. About 3 to 4 thousand rounds down range. Absolute flawless operation and extremely accurate. It hasn't disappointed me in the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alawrence View Post
    Hi folks,
    I came across a 2000 model year used Camp Nine at my local LGS. The gun is in excellent condition and everything functioned like it should upon inspection.
    Now, I have never had a want for one of these, but for $500 I am sorta sitting on the fence. Ilready own enough rifles that I barely shoot and I am not a collector that needs every caliber and model of a particular maker.
    So, is this rifle something that is so fun to shoot, I wouldn't want to put it down?
    Just my .02 - to answer your question as couched by the accompanying information, no. I have one, but only because I have rules. lol 20 years ago you could count all the widely-available for purchase carbines on one hand. Now a days, the 'black rifle' community has come to their senses and is releasing pistol caliber carbines by the boatload.

    For you, I think a Camp would just be a collector piece as you probably are already familiar with the AR-carbine scene. And admittedly, most all of those are better than the Camp 9 in terms of ergonomics and cross-compatability (*big* thing there). They aren't more accurate. Just far more user-friendly, imo. It's a function of the passage of time and standardization really.

    So if you're already at the water line with guns you can't or don't shoot, walk away. Although I would encourage you - if you want a collector piece - to get either Camp (9mm/45). This is speculation on my part but I think it would be an excellent addition to any collection, with the .45 being the more desirable/lower production variant. Stick with the factory wood stocks. And get the nicest condition example you can afford.

    .04c for .02c
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    I like pistol caliber carbines. The Camp 9/45 are fun to shoot and accurate. I ding steel open sights out to 100 yards. The 45 is more impressive on steel than the 9mm. Many people will tell you a pistol caliber carbine is worthless. I also like the M1 carbine (which has the ballistics near a 357 magnum). I was shooting my M1 at the range when an AR shooter walks over and starts berating me for having an inadequate rifle and told me about the bullets bouncing off enemies and I should of bought an AR. I said let's test it out. Why don't you run around down range (I pointed out by our targets) and I will shoot at you and you tell me if it hurts. He declined and left me alone. The other shooters thought it was funny. Buy whatever makes you happy. Too many guns - too little time..........

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