Pan Lube: Steps by Step With Pictures and Instructions #1
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Thread: Pan Lube: Steps by Step With Pictures and Instructions #1

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    Pan Lube: Steps by Step With Pictures and Instructions #1

    Bullet Lube

    Most of us have experienced purchased hard cast alloy bullets that have been pre lubed. All brands have one thing in common with respect to the lube, hard lube. Hard, not because that is what works best. Hard because it will survive packing, shipping, and arrive to you in reasonable condition.

    Over many years of lube experiments and researching many published articles on the subject, there are three general rules to consider as you go through your journey.
    1. Harder alloy performs better, are more accurate, with softer lubes
    2. Softer alloy performs better, are more accurate, with a little firmer lube
    3. Black Powder lube melts in you hands. In other words, something close fat or Moose snot.
    4. None are as hard as the caryon wax you get in purchased bullets.

    Regardless of caliber, gas check, plain base, taper bullet design, velocity, etc. Pan Lube can be a very efficient and quick process relative to the traditional lube sizing press method. Not to mention much, much less costly.

    The first thing to consider is the Pan. I have found a Silicone Loaf Pan to be the best choice for Pan lubing. Pictures of the design that has been best for me are included below. Just remember, one bullet can start a domino effect for the ones you have placed. Smaller spaces to stand the bullets in helps.

    A pyrex measure cup is use to melt the lube in and to pour the lube into the mold

    You can stand up the bullets as you are melting the lube in a microwave.

    After 2 - 2 min microwave passes, the lube is close to melting. Once you have a melt started, start shortinging the time of each pass through the microwave. A 1 min, then 30 seconds after should get you to the correct temperature

    Use a meat theromemeter to check temp as you go. There are references on line you can check for the smoke point of most oils and bees wax. Stay under those limits. In general, 170 degrees is a good stopping point and do not go over 180 degrees.

    The melt usually is over the best pour temperature when you take it out of the microwave. Let the melt set and pour between 150-160 degrees


    See next post for the remainder of the process.
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    Interesting idea with the silicone mold. These days I powder coat everything but will have to remember this if I ever go back to the slow method.
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    Good info, I still use the pan lube method.
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