Last day Last Target!
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    Last day Last Target!

    Well I managed to squeeze one in with the 38-55! The 45-70 is just too much for my tender shoulder since surgery. I wonder how long I can keep using that excuse! At least cut me a break my Marlin is 112 years old!

    Coming in at 2.421"

    You didn't think I could duplicate my first outing with this you?

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    Re: Last day Last Target!

    Lever - I feel your pain (in more ways than one). My second outing with my 32-40 resulted in the second best target of my life time of shooting, setting a standard I seriously doubt I will ever beat again with iron sights. My wiggles and wobbles seemed to cancel each other out for once. Was a lot of fun, but sad at the same time.
    I have a lot of load data to use and a lot of shooting to do, but still doubt I will ever best my 32-40 postal match target (the 19.8 grains of IMR 4198 load).
    If I was as old as your rifle I wouldn't even be able to see the target, much less hit it.
    Love the older Marlin's, just too rich for my wallet. For it's age and all I would say real nice shooting. Shenandoah
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