Stamping Lead Ingots
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Thread: Stamping Lead Ingots

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    Stamping Lead Ingots

    I dont know if others do this, but while casting some ingots today it crossed my mind to mention it. I use a letter stamp to mark each ingot, so I know whats what. Today I was casting pure lead, and stamped each ingot a couple of times with the letter P. It aready says LEE from the ingot mould, but they all say the same. Gonna need more lead soon.

    Second thought, I own number and letter stamps, not everyone will. However a simple dot code with a center punch could work, or just scratch a letter with a knife point. Carefully.
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    I also mark my ingots after hardness testing but although having various number and letter stamps ended up using a marker pen to put the HBN no. on. As I told my boss once if you want to find the easy way to do a job give it to a lazy person,
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    You can buy, at a very reasonable and low price a set of stamps - letter and number from Harbor freight or Northern etc.

    Quality may be questionable, but for stamping lead you don't need machinist quality.

    I stamp my ingots, but not with some "code" as I want to be able to know what the ingot is, plus my son if he happens to use my left overs at some point down the line.

    So, lead is "lead", Linotype is "lino" and wheel weights are marked "WW"

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    I've been doing that almost as long as I've been casting my own bullets.
    The die/number set of stamps I bought from Harbor Freight work well - as Crusty Deary Ol Coot pointed out, they ain't machinist quality, but for stamping lead they work very well!
    Since I have wheel weights, pure lead, #2 Alloy, 1/20 Alloy, X-Ray lead, and range P/U - having a stamp on the ingots sure eliminates any confusion about what's what!


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