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Thread: Acceptable weight variation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drm50 View Post
    If you are getting serious variations in weight a lot of beginners are not fluxing the bullet metal. The metals will stack like plywood if correct temperature and fluxing isn't followed. Lightest alloy will be on top. Zinc is usually the cause of this. I don't get real technical with bullet metal. I am more concerned with uniformity of my metal than a hardness number. To do this it's easier to pre melt metal and skim off zinc. Zinc can be the cause of poor fill out and rounded corners.
    Any zinc contamination in bullet casting alloy will completely trash that batch; as in 'throw it in the bin and start again'.

    The biggest risk of accidentally adding zinc to the alloy is by melting down tire weights. Some are lead alloy, and some are zinc. If there is any doubt I pinch the wheel weight with a pair of side-cutters and see if it leaves a mark. Zinc is a lot harder that lead.

    Zinc also melts at a higher temperature than zinc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbilly View Post
    Temp swing seems to have been my main issue. Kept a closer eye on it this morning. Kept the casting temp between 800-850 on my Lyman thermometer. May or may not be accurate, but it seems consistent and appears to be the sweet spot with my moulds. About 3/4 of them dropped at 528.5- 530gr, the other 1/4 were within 1.5gr plus or minus. Seems I'm headed in the right direction.

    If you are getting a orange powder residue on the sides of your pot, your temp is to high. That is lead oxide and is easily airborne. Not good for you or others.

    I run in the 700-725 range with a bottom pour Lyman pot.
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