W W ingot score!
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Thread: W W ingot score!

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    W W ingot score!

    I stopped by to see my cousin this week. He owns a handmade fishing lure business here in NC. He had bought what was supposed to be pure lead ingots, but they were from wheel weights. He couldn't use them, so he gave them to me. 1 box is 60# & the other is a lot more!

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    Make sure that they are not some of the "new weights" that don't have lead in them.
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    Nice score. I've no problem getting lead, I've got opposite problem. I've got several ton of soft lead. Wheel Weights are getting hard to come by. Having lead that you can grade as near pure and Wheel weights give you somewhat of a constant to make your bullet alloy.I cast a lot of pistol bullets WCs for LV target which doesn't require a hard bullet. If you are shooting average loads WWs are all you need to mix with lead to make usable bullets. Your cousin can'nt use WWs because it will not fill out fine detail detail like barbs on jigs and when it hits wires or hooks it solidifies and causes voids. About all its good for is sinkers. I know I was in tackle business big time for several years. When it comes to bullets and casting good square edges on grease grooves, clean HPs with WW / lead alloy it helps to add a little tin to the metal. The tin will give it the ability to flow better. If you inspect your bullets and edges appear rounded you have to much WW/ to lead in your mix.
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