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    HBWC Molds

    I shoot a fair number of Hornady 148 grain HBWCs. These work great in both .357 and .38 revolvers for me. I am attempting to prepare for supply interruptions in the future. Does anyone have an opinion on the RCBS 358-148-BBWC mold as a replacement? Also would powder coating work on these bullets as cast? My revolvers are S&Ws and Rugers.

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    Never used that mold but have had no issues with my RCBS molds. I powder coat nearly everything now and it works great.

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    I have that mold, just got it used last fall. I poured a few just to see how they dropped. Haven't sized/ lubed or loaded any yet. I used the Hornady and got good results out of K38s & Diamond Back. I usually shot 148g button nose because I have cast it for years. The HBWC will out shoot it by a little but you have to drop to 650-700fps. The BN Ive run up to 950 but shoot at 800fps. I have the double ended WC and don't like it. I shoot a 242gr BNWC in my m25s and am on a list for a 45HBWC mold to get when they have enough orders. Other than 38/357 WC molds are hard to come by.
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